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How CAPTCHA is Killing Your Conversion Rate

Just imagine this, you have designed a great blog for your catharsis or sharing what do you know about or it is a perfect form: with the right number of fields, integrations, and a great UX. You took care of everything to give your user a gret and convenient experience.

Now, you want your users to be human sonly and not any “bots”. You will need to opt for CAPTCHA (Completely Automated Public Turing Test to tell Computers and Humans Apart). Everything seems picture perfect but do you know unlike “bots” humans hate captcha as well. So hate that they will opt for the 2 captcha to get the captcha solved because they are just unable to do so. But using 2capcha isn’t the only reason that captcha is being hated but the reduced conversion rate is also a reason to hate captcha as well and here is more to know about!

They Are Just Getting Harder

Yes, we all know at this point that captcha is used to eliminate spam. So they are supposed to be complicated in terms of tests. But the problem is the fact that they are just too complicated even for humans as well.

They will just pop up with the annoying question in the middle saying “Are You A Human?” and then a series of tests will spawn. They can be text-based or maybe some crazy images that may be distorted or sometimes vague enough with mixed characters.

This is where users have to opt for the 2captcha API to get their captcha solved. And if you opt for the audio then captcha will even get crazier. It can be too hard to understand what they are trying to say. Users sometimes will just give up if they don’t have access to the 2captcha bot.

They Waste Time

Users love to spend less time and get more from their activities online but when they have to complete a captcha over and over again they just have to spend time on doing the thing that they never wanted and they just hate wasting their time.

Captcha involving images takes a lot of time and this is the reason that the user often takes help like 2 captchas to get captcha solved. If you are using the audio captcha then it can even be longer and this is the reason that users will just give up on your forum and look for other alternatives. They just want a platform where they will not have to prove themselves as humans.

UInapologatically Hard

Some users without any 2captcha API because there is some captcha that will require you to do much effort to solve the captcha. From translation, getting better in math, or even better internet connection because images will not just load at all. CAPTCHAs were designed for bots but they got harder on humans too. User with certain disabilities has even severe problem for them. Though having a captcha app can be a good way to save your time but not every user has this every time. This is where captcha can leave a negative impression on them and it will result in a reduction of conversion rate.

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