How do pain relief patches work

Pain can be caused due to multiple reasons like damage to organs or muscles, overuse, or stress. Many people who exercise regularly or run long distances may also experience pain in their muscles. When a person is in pain it is usually difficult to focus on the work, so productivity is reduced. It is also difficult to sleep when in pain. Hence most people who are in great pain are interested in finding a suitable product. While painkillers in the form of tablets have been used for some time, they are not recommended for those who have ulcers or problems with their digestive system.

Reducing pain

Additionally it will take a longer time for the tablet to get digested so that the active ingredients are transmitted to the different parts of the body. Usually pain is experienced in only a specific part of the body, so if the painkiller ingredients are distributed over the entire body, the relief from pain will be less. Hence the user will have to consume more painkillers, which may also have some side effects. Hence increasingly people are using patches for pain relief. Those who have not used these patches earlier are likely to ask how pain relief patches work, so that they can take a decision accordingly.

How patches reduce pain

The patches for alleviating pain vary in size, active ingredients and method of use depending on the manufacturer. Each manufacturer will select the ingredients are extensive research. The patches are usually classified based on the severity of the pain which they will treat. For mild pain the patch will contain active ingredients which will act on the affected area to heal it. Some of the active ingredients are capsicum extract, camphor and mentha oil. In case of severe pain, the pain patch will contain fentanyl, CBD oil or similar narcotics, which will reduce the inflammation, pain and help in healing

The active ingredients in the patch are combined with other ingredients like sorbitol, eucalyptus oil, glycerin and kaolin to form a hydrogel patch, whose shape will change to fit properly in the area where it is applied. The patches are supplied in a pouch, and each patch has a film. To use the patch, the adhesive film is removed and the patch is applied to the painful part of the body. The active ingredients in the patch will diffuse into the body, through the skin and reach the muscles which are damaged or overused to give relief. Since these active ingredients will mainly diffuse into the area where it is applied, these ingredients will be more effective for pain relief. Also the person using these patches will get pain relief faster.


The patches are available in different sizes and the right size should be selected depending on the extent of the pain. Most manufacturers specify that the patches should be only used for children who are more than twelve years old and adults. The patches should not be applied to irritated or inflamed skin or skin with injuries. When not in use, the patches should be stored in a cool and dry place.

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