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How good are landing pages for boosting your SEO and page rankings?

Landing pages are designed to generate conversions, and thus should be a big part of your digital marketing plan. A webpage that performs poorly in search engines, and cannot be found by your target audience, is wasted potential. You won’t receive conversions if no one can locate your landing page.

Receiving more organic traffic and more relevant potential consumers is achievable through effective landing page optimisation. SEO is incredible for optimising B2B landing pages and boosting landing page rankings – but how do they work? In this blog, we will explain everything you need to know about landing pages, and how SEO helps optimise them.

Importance of landing pages

Linking and directing users to a home page might leave visitors confused as to what step they must take to obtain the specific information they want from your site. Some websites will attempt to address this problem to some extent, such as by providing primary category links to help guide traffic to the most relevant page. These pages, however, tend not to be optimised for SEO or visitor purposes.

Visitors new to a site who perhaps desire a related product not placed on the homepage might not know where they can find that product. If this is the case, this will of course reduce conversion rates. This is where landing pages come into play, and give you a massive benefit, since they are optimised for a full user experience as well as for SEO optimisation.

SEO landing pages

SEO landing pages are pages that have qualities and features which make them particularly appealing to the algorithms that determine whether or not a page is relevant to a user and their search. A landing page focuses on certain keywords for which you want to rank, and always contains a call to action. It is usually part of a wider marketing plan aimed at increasing your share of total search traffic within your industry sector.

How SEO is used in landing pages

When optimising B2B landing pages, SEO best practices can help your landing pages rank higher in search results, and allow you to reach your intended audience. In other words, using effective SEO techniques allows you to attract individuals who are already interested in, and searching for, your industry and products. This helps you to produce more leads, which increases your conversion rate, and contributes to the overall performance and success of your business.

Optimising your landing pages

You must find the relevant keywords to optimise your landing pages for SEO purposes. For Google to display landing pages in search results, a keyword must have some transactional purpose. The first step in doing a keyword analysis is to examine your industry, rivals, and consumers.

The goal of keyword research is to better understand potential visitors, their behaviours, and your competition. After you’ve determined your target keywords, you need to strategically, naturally, and organically place them on your landing page. There are many other ways to optimise your landing pages, but it should always start with keywords.

As you can see, landing pages can be extremely effective for boosting your SEO and page rankings – as long as it is done right! With these tips in mind, you can put your best foot forward towards increasing conversion rates.

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