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How Influencers Can Drive Sales

If you haven’t already made the leap to influencer marketing then 2021 is the year. Due to the fact that more people are now at home, social media really has taken over. However, it is unlikely that the impact this has had on buyer behavior will change after the pandemic. The number of people shopping online is higher than ever and is expected to increase over the next few years.

Determine your goals

I believe that influencer marketing campaigns are a great idea, regardless of your goals. It may interest you to increase brand awareness or create new content. You may be interested in increasing brand awareness or creating new content. But, ultimately, you want to increase sales.

It is important to first understand your goals. Are you trying to reach new markets? Do you want to enhance your social media presence through additional and better quality content? Do you want to enhance your brand’s image? These are crucial questions. You can clearly define the goals you want to achieve with influencer campaigns so you can determine the best campaign for you.

How can influencers be of assistance?

Influencer marketing has been the best marketing strategy to achieve the greatest results. It is not uncommon to see big-name celebrities working with successful brands. If you don’t have the budget for this or are looking for a better return on investment, micro and nano influencers might be the right choice. These influencers are becoming more popular and this is a clear indication of why.

Nano influencers can have as many as 1k to 5k followers. This group is known for being authentic and engaging. This group is most likely to have grown their following based on what they love. This allows you to reach a niche audience of engaged followers. They will be passionate about the work they do. This is authenticity. They have between 5k-50k followers, have similar engagement rates, but have more experience in what you do.

This could be an example of how these influencers started their accounts because they are passionate about baking and have gained followers who love their recipes. If you are a manufacturer of kitchenware, it is possible to work with such an influencer to gain direct access to an audience interested in your product. They will also have trusting followers.

What they post

With so many social media platforms available and different media types, it is important to focus on your goals and who you are targeting. The hub of influencer marketing is Instagram. It’s a visually rich platform that allows you to find Instagram influencers of all kinds.

This site can host photos and videos as posts or stories. Videos through IGTV, IG Live and Reels are also possible. Posts and stories are allowed. Due to the effort and time required, each media type will require a different level of investment. Stories, for example, are less available than videos and require less attention from the influencer. But, that doesn’t make them less effective.

It might be worth giving influencers a coupon code to give to their followers so they can get a discount on checkout. A micro-influencer can be hired to write a story, captioning the promo code or calling for action such as swipe to shop’. This story can reach up to 40k people with very little effort.

You might find a better platform for your product depending on what you’re selling and how your audience views it. YouTube and TikTok creators are a great choice because of the flexibility and creativity that video content offers.

This content is more time-consuming for influencers. Editing is usually required to create high-quality videos. If you have a product that needs a full review, tutorial, or in-depth explanation, you might consider working with an influencer. It is great to demonstrate the benefits and uses of a product to consumers. YouTube makes it easy for influencers to promote products and include promo codes or discounts in the video description.

How to identify the right influencers

You’re probably now wondering how to locate social media influencers that are most suitable for your brand. You can also search directly through Instagram. Our recommendation is to first search for influencers in your own network. This way, you can be sure that you are finding someone who is already a fan.

An influencer marketing platform such as Heepsy would be the best. This allows you to narrow down your search using dedicated filters like influencer category, location, and followers. Let’s assume that your goal is to increase brand awareness at a new location. To do this, we will search for Spain and seek out micro-influencers who specialize in food. The following would be the result of your search:

Important to remember that just because an influencer belongs to this particular category does not automatically mean that their followers will follow them. The audience insights are crucial. Heepsy allows you to analyze the profile of an influencer by looking at engagement and authenticity. You also get audience insights such as demographics, interests, and more.


Influencer marketing has been a powerful marketing strategy for increasing sales. This is achieved through increased content creation and brand awareness. The result has a positive impact on sales figures. A platform like Heepsy can help you create an amazing campaign in no time by finding the perfect influencer or KOL for your campaign. 

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