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How Is Child Support Calculated in Los Angeles?

While you are getting divorced your children Support are struggling hard with this new transition. You may not know what is going on with them but it is important that you understand that all your decisions will affect your children differently. There are children who are good to go but most of them find it really hard and they won’t even speak out.

So if you are just calculating child support without even focusing on other aspects then you start focusing on it now. There will be a bundle of things from documentation, divorce proceedings according to family law attorney Salt Lake City. Partition of gifts and house, and in all these things child support is really important to calculate. But at the same time, you must take care of your child’s emotions.

There will come a time when you will be a single parent and then you need to be more responsible than now. So what is the process to calculate child support? The process may vary from one state to another or different courts may follow the different processes but the same aspects are looked at.

Firstly the net annual income of each parent is calculated and this income will dictate how much amount should be placed for child support. You can not change the income amount according to your convenience as it will be deemed illegal.

What you can do is, check with a child support calculator and understand how it works. The calculator can give you the exact amount or at least an expected amount for future prospects. But you can not say that this amount will be places by the court as the court may have a different basis to give a percentage.

For how long child support is provided by the parent, it may be the question you are wondering about. So the answer is until the age of 18. Now this age may vary if your child is not graduated by the age of 18. You may need to wait until the child gets graduated.

Also in case, the child is disabled whether physically or mentally would impact the child support by the parent. The child support may or may not continue after the age of 18. In this regard, you need to check with the rules and regulations of the court or you may hire the best Los Angeles Divorce Lawyer. A lawyer can help you out from start to end with respect to child support.

Child support is a big question for those parents who are not financially well. Well, no worries if you are not financially well because the court takes your financial position into consideration at the time of calculating child support. The main thing to understand here is you provide enough proof of your income.

If you are not able to establish your income then it is not possible for the court to do anything in this regard. The other main factor that will impact the proceedings of child support is the number of children. The more the number of children the more the percentage of earnings is likely to be placed for child support.

So when there are more than two children involved than the first consideration is given to how many children are living with which parent. If one parent gets custody of two children and the other gets custody of one child then it impacts on child support to both of them.

The court also looks at which parent has applied for divorce while calculating child support. If you want to did deeper in this regard then consult a family law firm in Los Angeles and find how it will impact you.


If you are just thinking for yourself while getting a divorce then it is not the right way. You will have to consider multiple emotions that are connected with the case. Child support decides the future of your child and hence it won’t be changed if you don’t take proper steps now. You must take help from child support attorney in Salt Lake City & understand each part in detail and never lose out on any capable thing that you could have done for your child.

While you must consider the emotions of the child as he or she may not be able to understand what is going on. It will be a new phase of his or her life and you must accompany him with due diligence. Let him understand that whatever is happening is for his best future. I wish you all the luck that prevails!

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