How Lead Scoring is Essential to your Business?

In HubSpot lead scoring, you can choose whether to score your leads based on their positive attributes, behavior, or demographics. You can even filter your list using this property. To learn more, read this article. In this article, we’ll go over how to set up lead scoring, and how to customize the dashboard to see only the leads with a high score. Getting started is easy!

Positive attributes

One of the most confusing aspects of Hubspot lead scoring is that you have to determine which attributes to add to a lead. You can add points to a lead if it shows interest, but you can also deduct points if a contact does not indicate any interest in your product. Regardless of which attributes you use, you must decide what impact each action has on the lead. Positive attributes should add more points to the lead’s score, while negative attributes should lower their score.

You can use the Positive attributes of lead scoring to increase your Lead’s value. This is because leads with these attributes are in a decision-making position and will typically increase their score by 10 points. One such attribute is the Lead’s Job Title. Positive attributes are actions that are considered positive by your sales and marketing teams. A positive attribute may be something as simple as clicking a marketing email.


HubSpot’s lead scoring based on behavior lets you determine how likely a lead is to purchase your product or service based on the characteristics of their past behavior. Depending on how much information you have on your leads, scoring can be calculated on either a positive or negative attribute. For example, if your leads unsubscribe from your one-on-one emails, that action can lower your score.

Once you’ve set up your score system in HubSpot, you can then create a spreadsheet with filters and add points based on the information you’ve gathered on your leads. Usually, these attributes are captured through web forms or a list uploaded to your HubSpot account. However, if you’re using an open-text field, you can score it with simple logic.


Hubspot lead scoring criteria is based on various factors such as age, gender, job title, and location. These factors can be used to score leads based on their likelihood of conversion. Demographic data can also be used to identify high-value customers and prospects. This information is helpful for determining what content your leads are most likely to be interested in. Listed below are some common myths about lead scoring.

The best way to improve lead scoring in Hubspot is to understand the behavior of your leads. HubSpot can help you determine which leads have the highest potential for conversion. It also helps you analyze leads based on their pain points. For example, if a lead has spent time on your website, this could indicate a high likelihood of making a purchase.


When you create a report, you can filter leads based on specific attributes, such as job title, gender, or geographic location. A spreadsheet can be used to compare numbers to a lead’s behavior. To get started, you can use a simple scale of 0-100. You can use the results to determine which leads are more likely to convert into customers.

You can also use custom properties in HubSpot to define buyer personas. The Original Source property gives you a sense of how a lead got to your website. If your leads came from a website, for example, you could use the job title field to determine if the person is likely to make a purchase. Similarly, if someone landed on your website via search engines, it means that the person did an internet search for your company.

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