How Memes Can Help You to Grow Your Business

Memes are photos or images with a dank or cute comment that circulates through Twitter, Email, Facebook, and Instagram, and so on. They are popular amongst various social media users. The best videos or images are converted to a meme because people like them and you can use those memes to grow your business. 

Memes are not just for sharing among social media platforms, but they can promote your small business too. They are usually uploaded on social media platforms to draw the attention of a massive number of people who can share the content with others. Before you start using memes to grow your business, remember that the plot of memes isn’t immortal and they expire after a certain time. Using an unpopular meme won’t be able to promote your business. 

There are four stages of meme that you need to keep in mind: birth, growth, decline, and dead. You should always use memes during the growth or peak stage to leverage their benefits. Let’s discuss how memes can help you to grow your business. 

Proper Branding

Before you use a meme, research the origin as well as the meaning of the meme. Knowing the hidden meaning is a very useful step that will help you to use the meme correctly. The next step is to determine whether the meme is relevant for your business or not. While creating memes, visit Meme Scout to make the meme funny and appropriate as per your services and products. Just because you’re using a meme to promote your business, doesn’t mean that your meme needs to be serious. Make sure that concept is humorous that describes the services and products of your company. Additionally, you need to get more feedback and shares. Try to create memes with some common jokes regarding your industry. 

Regulate the Memes

Always keep an eye on the amounts of memes you upload. As per influencive, memes are extremely sharable. If you notice that the memes are exceeding the common content marketing strategy, make sure you circulate them. Remember that memes are only to be used as a bypass or break from your original content. Use relevant memes in your social media platforms and update them with new context to drive more traffic to your social media accounts as well as your website. If you somehow feel overwhelmed, there are tons of meme templates available online. You can choose the relevant topics from there. 

Set the Correct Budget

It’s a fact that memes are beneficial for your marketing strategy, but that doesn’t mean that you start creating memes without considering your overall budget or financial condition. Sometimes expenses become too massive for small businesses to afford meme marketing strategy. If you focus on developing 3-4 memes/week, it needs to be relevant as per your business budget. However, you’re planning to develop them on a massive scale; it might not prove effective as you need to hire a professional designer. Hence, if you need great ROI, make sure you crate moderate numbers of memes. 

Include Call-to-Action

While using a trendy or popular meme for your business, make sure you include the URL of your website. This is the best way to implement call-to-action. You can also include your other social media accounts. By doing this, you can raise curiosity about your business amongst the viewers. Coming up with a meme idea is a difficult task, but it’s a cost-effective and most valuable tool in your marketing toolkit. 


This is how memes can help you to grow your business. Making an original meme ensures the greatness of your brand image. Don’t forget to implement the web address of your business so that viewers can visit your website. Remember that you don’t need to be a professional graphic designer to become a successful memer. Your creativity and sense of humor are more than enough to create a viral-ready meme. 


Wajazali is a passionate writer and blogger who has been writing about the latest developments in the field of technology for over 3 years. His articles are published on, which he administers as well. Wajazali is also involved with various other projects to help people learn how to manage their own online marketing campaigns.
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