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How mobile applications can help Travel industry & Tourism industry?

What do you need to take with you on the road? This simple question is always asked by those who go on a tourist trip or business trip. Now, when it is difficult to imagine the life of any modern person without gadgets, the travel set of items needed on vacation or on a business trip has also changed. More and more active tourists cannot do without mobile applications, the number of which is constantly increasing, satisfying the most varied desires and needs of travelers.

Flights and hotels

Any journey, regardless of goals, begins with a search. Nowadays, many applications have been developed that will help you find an inexpensive flight ticket or a cheap hotel room:

1. For those who choose hotels, Hotellook is suitable. A feature of this service is the provision of data posted on such well-known search engines as, Agoda and some others. There is always an opportunity to compare and choose a suitable hotel room. More detailed information about hotels immediately on the first page of the search results is given by two equally popular applications: RoomGuru and Trivago.

2. Aviasales will certainly suit those who need inexpensive plane tickets. Booking with this app does not incur any additional costs, as is often the case on websites like Anywayanyday or Expedia.

3. Skyscanner has the same functions as Aviasales, with the only difference that you can take care of both airline tickets and hotels, as well as car rental at your holiday destination. It is worth using both applications in order to find the most profitable option by comparison.

4. HomeAway and Airbnb are suitable for those who prefer to live not in a hotel room, but in an apartment or separate house. The apps offer a variety of accommodation options in various cities around the world. Moreover, the information on travel website development is given in several languages. Maps will help you to see places of leisure and catering near the selected apartment. Airbnb provides tips and advice from locals.

Apps with tourist reviews

When going on a trip, travelers often try to find out what those who have already been there think about the future vacation spot. Therefore, apps like Yelp or TripAdvisor will be very helpful. After all, it is always important not to be mistaken with the choice of a good restaurant or bar, to successfully find a stylish club or get into a store where the quality of the goods will not disappoint, and the prices will surprise you with their democratic character.

The reviews that tourists place on these two portals are distinguished by their truthfulness and answer many questions of those who are faced with the choice of places to stay and rest. TripAdvisor is needed primarily for hotel search. Both apps will provide a lot of useful information about entertainment venues, restaurants and other places to have lunch, dinner or just a snack.

Currency converters

On a trip abroad, tourists face expenses at almost every step. It is often necessary to know what amount in rubles corresponds to the figure that indicates the value in euros, dollars or some other currency. Therefore, travelers will certainly face the urgent need to have applications such as OANDA or XE Currency Converter. With their help, you can easily and quickly transfer (convert) a specific amount from euros to dollars or vice versa. This applies to all common world currencies, including the ruble.

Internet access

Active travelers are already accustomed to using Skype or Viber to communicate with relatives or friends at home. When traveling, it is also often necessary to have access to a well-functioning internet. There are especially many who want to get it for free or inexpensively.

Recently, quite a few mobile apps have emerged that can help accomplish this task: Swift Wi-Fi, Wi-Fi Finder, Wi-FiMap, and a few others. Each of them has both disadvantages and certain advantages. Therefore, the tourist can choose

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