How Often Should I Use A Hair Dryer?

So, you’re looking to know how often should I use a hair dryer? If your answer is “all the time”, you need to change your mind. A hairdryer is a great appliance for the home, but it should be used with care. This will ensure that your hairdryer stays working properly and helps you save money on the electricity bill.

The first thing to remember is that high speed settings are great to use in the summer months. These settings do not only give you high speed but also the ability to use the hairdryer more often. You can increase the speed at which you use the hairdryer by adding on an extension cord.

Use in Colder Conditions

However, if your babyliss boutique hair dryer is used in colder conditions then you should only use the high heat setting. When using the high heat setting you should be careful not to turn it up too high as this will give it a dangerous effect. The higher the temperature is the more damaging the effect of being in the hot air.

In addition to using the high speed settings in cold weather to ensure you get the best possible results it is also wise to use the low speed settings for drying clothing. This is because clothing tends to get more damaged if the hairdryer is used at full power. By using the low settings you will be able to achieve the same result but you will be able to save energy.

Don’t use High Power Settings

Another thing to remember when you are using the hairdryer in a colder environment is not to use high power settings. The low power setting will give you a much more effective drying time. However, using the high speed setting will also result in a more damaged garment.

The final thing to keep in mind when you are trying to decide how often should I use a hairdryer is to consider the temperature of the air. It is advised to use the low temperature setting for rooms that do not get extremely cold in the winter months. This means that rooms with windows should have the low speed setting set to avoid excessive heating.

Damage to you Hair

On the other hand you should always use the high temperature settings for rooms with very cold temperatures. This is because the high temperature setting will cause the air to move more quickly through the air than it would in a room where the air and heat were evenly matched.

By using these tips it is easy to understand how often should I use a hairdryer depending on the climate and the various uses that are made. The important thing is to remember that using the hairdryer correctly and sparingly will help to maintain your energy bills.

Take a Quick Shower

If you are trying to dry your clothes in an extremely cold environment then you should always use a machine that has a heated towel on the outside so that warm air can move around the room freely. If the hairdryer has a special spray on unit that is attached to the outside of the machine then you will be able to use the high heat settings with little effort. This is because when the high heat setting is used the spray moves around the room creating heat all over. It is best to take a quick shower when you get out from the shower and then go straight into the dryer.

If you are drying your garments in an area that experiences very cold temperatures you should use the high heat settings. This is because the high heat setting will dry your clothes quicker and give them a better finish than low settings. You should also make sure that the air is moving easily from one side of the room to another and that the high and low settings are not opposite each other.

Final Words

Low speed settings are ideal if you are trying to keep your hair very dry because low speed settings allow air to circulate through the room very quickly. If you are trying to dry a long length of hair, it is not as important to use the high and low settings in the exact same order as it is to try to dry very short length hair.

One last thing to remember is to ensure that when you are using the hairdryer it is not in direct sunlight as this will make the high speed setting work harder and cause the air to speed up. The heat will work harder causing damage to the material.


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