How online teaching helped students to beat the lockdown blues.

With the sudden strike of the pandemic last year, our lives came to a standstill. In these chaotic times, many questions arose in the minds of the people. No doubt there was a rise in cases of people being skeptical about anything they used to believe. The question arose that, since it has been always time and time again, told to us that we are the most advanced and smartest species on this planet, how come we were forced to come to a halt. 

Since the very beginning, we have tried and strived hard against all odds to survive and to develop collectively at the same time. This time the question was, how to tackle this spontaneous deadly virus and to move ahead at the same time, as it is no longer a secret that in this fast-paced world and ever-changing times there is no certainty about anything and even a day without work towards the development, will set us back years behind and consequentially it will impede our progress and growth. 

With the rise in cases, no doubt people suffered a lot. With stringent lockdown in place, we also witnessed some unforeseen effects of going in a lockdown and our normal schedule changing drastically. Apart from health and physical issues, people also had a face-off with mental and psychological issues. It was also seen that people grew anxious about their productivity being hampered due to the lockdown and to lead a monotonous life each day. 

Therefore, a search was set off to find the solutions to these unsolicited circumstances. The use of technology and the online ecosystem came to the rescue majorly to various sectors. Work was shifted from office cubicles to your couch and work from home emerged as the solution. If we talk about students, they are the most sensitive section of society. They are still in their learning phase and if anything happens abruptly they are the most affected group. They were severely affected in this pandemic too and they and their parents were anxious regarding their education.  To keep a check on this and to make sure education reaches each one of them, online classes came out as the solution. 

Let us see how online teaching helped to remain healthy in all aspects during these challenging times:- 

• With online teaching making sure that the education of students goes seamlessly, it assured the students and their parents that their efforts are not going in vain. 

• This gave the parents and their children a sense of relief and security. This resulted in students being less anxious at least about their academics.

• Regular online classes ensured that even while in a difficult scenario, the students remain on their learning track and do not lose their way. 

• Several activities were conducted such as quizzes, webinars to encourage students to actively take part in these activities, which in some way or the other kept them occupied and cheerful at the same time. 

Online classes apps made sure that students remain in constant touch with their peers and social circle. 

• Online classes were not only used to teach their academic syllabus or their relevant course subjects but they were also used to organize virtual fitness & yoga classes and  P.T. classes, to help them to remain healthy with a sound mind and maintain peace of mind in these chaotic times. 

• Weekly and monthly test series encouraged them to remain active and to keep their mind sharp and be prepared for any challenges they might face. 

• Assignments on various diversifying topics at regular intervals helped them to explore different topics and also to remain productive. 

• Not only this, to ensure the students’ mental health, various online teaching platforms and schools that conducted online classes, organized various mental health sessions and webinars in collaboration with certified psychologists so that these hard times do not take a toll on students mental health. 

• Online classes and live teaching app also provided career counseling classes to eradicate any kind of confusion and help a student to make a just and rational judgment about his/her career.

We hope we were able to convey clearly, how online teaching helped students in these tough times and how they might help further, which might be difficult in the traditional teaching method. Do give us your feedback. 

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