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How QR Codes Are Used In Marketing

A QR scanner (aka “QR codes”) is an ultra-modern technological breakthrough that allows one to get their hands on a product or service just by scanning a “QR “code” using their smart phone. A QR code is simply a modified form of matrix bar code first developed for the car industry in Japan in 1994. It works similarly to a UPC bar code which is a way of promoting certain products in retail stores by displaying a symbol on a white surface and/or on a sticker.

A QR code is basically a machine readable symbol that contains data about the object to which it’s attached. It’s like having a bar code on a poster. It works similar to bar codes but instead of being printed on paper, it’s printed on a chip that can be scanned by smart phones and other electronic reading devices.

With the development of smart phones and other hand held devices, the process of scanning a “QR “code” has become faster and easier. With this new technology, one can now scan a QR code with just the use of his smart phone.

This technology is used extensively in restaurants to increase customer sales as well as for corporate and public sector promotions. In fact, businesses are now using QR codes in many ways. For example, one can now get coupons or discounts on goods or services by scanning a coupon scanner. Likewise, establishments use QR codes in order to increase their customer traffic.

In order to use a QR scanner properly, one should be using a smartphone that is capable of scanning these codes. IPhones, for instance, are capable of this function but many people do not have iPhones so now they have to use other smart phone brands which don’t have this functionality.

Fortunately, most modern smartphones have the necessary hardware in order to perform such functions. Some phones however, are still limited in terms of scanning abilities so users would need to buy other gadgets in order to enjoy better QR scanner experience.

The good news is that nowadays there are several iPhone apps which allow users to perform scans on any type of QR codes whether they are from newspapers, magazines or even online stores. These apps are easy to install and use.

All that one needs to do is download the app from the App Store and connect it to their smartphones. Once they are connected to their device, the app will show a QR code which usually contains a pair of bar codes. Just like any other app, the iPhone app will also let users choose which code to scan.

Then all one needs to do is let the app scan the selected code and the app will display the result immediately.An example of a QR scanner for iPhone is the enigma which allows users to scan various business logos such as ketchup manufacturer.

After scanning the code, the app will allow the user to get the product’s label. Apart from that, the enigma also allows users to scan and get directions to the nearest Kaspersky kiosk.

The app offers several other features such as sending coupons and vouchers, finding local restaurants and shopping vouchers, entering a location in the map and many more. In order to use these features, the user must have a scanner or an iPhone which uses the same technology as the enigma.

Another great example of an iPhone app which allows scanning QR codes is the scanner box. This app is designed specifically for use with the iPhone and can be downloaded from the iTunes Store for free. Once it has been installed, all that one needs to do is make sure the phone has enough space available for loading the application.

The scanner will be automatically detected by the phone and it will show on the screen a preview of the QR code. After it has been detected, it will then ask for confirmation so as to allow the user to scan the code.

There are several other useful apps which are designed for use with the iPhone and have nothing to do with marketing campaigns. One example of this is Smart QR, which is capable of scanning both QR codes and regular bar codes. Another example is Marketing Pro, which displays QR codes from different sources so that readers can easily find it.

This app uses a barcode scanner in order to detect the QR codes and it even calculates the rates per line. It also integrates with the Twitter and Facebook applications, so that they can share their URL directly from the application. This is why QR codes have become such a significant part of marketing campaigns and why they continue to increase in usage across all platforms.

If you are a business owner, then you should consider using QR codes as a part of your marketing campaigns. Even if you are not running a business, you can still incorporate QR scanning into your website. This is because the barcode format can be used to print promotional materials such as flyers and business cards.

You can also use the QR codes on your website to let your customers scan the code to gain access to special offers and discounts. So now you know why qtr. codes are really useful, all you have to do is integrate them into your website so that you can start using them today.

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