How Technology Helps in Medical Field


The lab technicians are still so under rated among common people but if you ask a doctor he will let you know about the importance of technology in health care. And so the importance of people who lets the doctor operate the technology. As the science is getting improved so the medical department. The role of science and technology in health and medicine is very vast. Since the improvement in science and technology has saved millions of life yet the mortality rate is decreasing however the birth rate in increasing. The children born today are born in a safe environment free from all the virus and they are less likely to be attacked by any microorganism.The technology has many applications in the field of medicine and health care. This is how technology helps in medical field. Let us have a detailed discussion onhow has technology improved the health care.

Medicine and information technology

The electronic medical records (EMR) have been the best ever innovation of information technology that has helped many doctors to save the data of their patients accurately for a longer periods of time. Moreover, along with the electronic medical records the simple mobile phones and tablets have been doing a great favor to the medical and health care industry. It is easy to fix the appointments with the doctor and to check them for the availability rather than moving the long streets to visit the doctor. Even there are some doctors who prescribe the medicines over phone call for minor issues to avoid the unnecessary mess of patients at hospitals.

Another well use of mobile phones in medical and health care field is that the doctors and physicians keep updated from the new researches and new diseases and their treatments. The world and the viruses change second after second and the doctors use the mobile phone to keep the record of all the things they do not know before. This is how technology helps in medical field.

Another role of science and technology in medical and health care field is that the monitoring of internal body organs has become so much more easy and accessible. Like the CT scans and X rays have become easy now and the reports can be obtained on the screen within seconds. All thanks to the fast-developing technology.

Medical Equipment Technology

As it has already been discussed that the death rate has been decreased since the technology has started to develop as a faster pace. This has become possible through the use of medical equipment technology. The technology has made man able to produce such machines that can take out all problems of the front and the confusion of doctors in finding out the problem has been eliminated. The importance of technology in health care can be traced in minimally invasive surgeries or as said the monitoring systems like X rays and CT scans, etc. Moreover, the heart beat measuring machines help doctors in locating the problems with the heartbeat. The blood pressure measuring apparatus is used to measure the blood pressure. These all and many more with them have been the result of improved technology. Moreover, the newest technology has been the vaccine refrigerators that store the vaccines at a cold place for a longer period of time. Find out about best X-Ray technologies at

One of the mind blowing use of technology in medical and health care field is the use of robots for surgeries. With the help of a machine the chances of silly faults can be eliminated. The robots can be operated by the doctor form the operating rooms while the patients will lie in the operation theatre. Moreover, the doctor can also operate the robotic surgery from their homes while the patient be at any nearer clinic or hospital. The recovery time for the patients has also decreased from the time the technology has introduced the robotic surgeries. The robotic surgeries have been becoming common nowadays. This is how the technology helps in medical field.

Medical Technology and Medical Research

The new and the developing technology has let the scientists and researchers to conduct the new research for finding out the procedures and new treatments for dealing with the diseases. The new treatments about which we hear every day are a product of the technology. The technology is making the doctors and researchers able to search upon the treatments of the diseases that are untreated and does not have a cure. Just look into corona virus. Scientists and researchers are trying to find the treatment of it but they have find it yet. The technology is powerful enough to let them know the basic of it but the treatment will be find after some more detailed research. You must have got the answer to the query that how has technology improved health care system.


The technology has been a great source in dealing the medical ailments over a long period of time. The cure of the diseases that we see today and take for granted was once unknown to mankind and many of the people used to die because of the common diseases like common cold. The technology and science has helped the mankind in searching for the treatments and treating the mankind with them. The well-established monitoring systems are another great example of the use of technology in the field of medical and health care. Unseen diseases like depression and anxiety can be now treated using the new technology. You can go in the details of it.The role of science and technology in the medical and health care field is now more prominent and eminent than it was ever before, and with the dawn of AI the ways in which someone could have been treated is changed to a great extent. We should brace ourselves for the future that has to befall upon our lives, normalize ourselves and keep the pace with technology.


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