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How Technology is Changing Our Lives for Better Future

We are living in the age of science & technology that controls & succors us in our daily lives hassle-freely. Looking at the present scenario, we are aware of getting accustomed to the technology every single minute of life. The revolutionary 3D Streaming technology is all said to be skyrocketing with day-to-day research and development into diversified technology. The reason behind this is the human tendency of endless desires and demands.

  • In the present living world, we are experiencing the augmented reality of technology from our pocket devices such as smartphones, smart watches bringing the revolution in the telecom sector with handy & multiuse features conceivable due to AI enhancements.
  • Digital learning makes a child or student or professionals study the amazing range of books from science fiction, comics, and novels to educational & vocational training digital library or e-learning courses on various subjects taught in schools, colleges/universities available all the time.  
  • Digital marketing i.e. people buy & sell, trading of commodities has been made easier, feasible & profitable with the good fortune of online marketing through advances in AI, digital know-how, and big data.
  • Finding of locations through Digital mapping with the blend of digital technology and geotechnical satellite, GPS enabled technology helps in better to track the place of the device handled person.
  • When we talk about the social media is synonymous to Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube etc. these all keep people engaged for a longer time, spending leisure time, enjoying the fun watching videos, reading informative content or funny jokes etc.
  • Investment & advancement in Robotics & automotive industrial robots have significantly increased worldwide as we are all amidst the global Covid-19 pandemic, has adversely affected the market all over. But, yes! The future is yet to arise & we will be more dependent on addictive technology of Artificial Intelligence (AI)& robotics in an ultra-super-smart manner.
  • Use of Automated Teller Machines ATM’s & QR codes makes the transactions & payments swiftly.
  • Use of Drones, Cameras & guided missiles are digitally coded in military area & sections. In Defense Army, Navy & Air forces are all of great valor & respect and it’s a blessing that this sector is developing as more powerful than before due to digital operations, AI & technological advances on cross border warfare.
  • Satellite landing adventure on space & planets like mars has already been remarkable and successful for artificial professionals. Not everyone can fly to space so, companies like SpaceX, Virgin Galactic, Amazon’s Blue Origin are working on it to take us aboard into the orbit from spaceships.
  • Electric Cars running on batteries or flying cars will be one of the future ruling options to self-driving to omit the overcrowded road traffics& save time efficiently. Driverless road transport in Lorries & trucks will take over the future transport market with computation & robotics technology.
  • Future is yet to come close that one-day smartphones technology will be obsolete & can be replaced by skin-friendly wearable screens with chip implantation.
  • We have observed Telecom companies enhancing their speed of network and connectivity from 2G, 3G, to 4G & now we are in test trials on 5G network speed of internet connecting to severaldevices & gadgets at the same time.

Unknowingly people all over the globe are connected to technology & its advancements every moment of life brings in comfort & ease.Technology is not only in developing apps & software but developing advancing gadgets and gizmos& reducing human intervention. Today in Lockdown we are captive in our homes for the battle against global Covid-19 virus but the flexibility of technology has assisted all of us to keep calm & composed to the dealing of all challenges that we are facing a moment. Visit to know more about it.

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