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How the SEO Framework ERICA Boosts Your Website SEO

Apart from SEO consulting and audits, SEO Leverage founder Gert Mellak has another offer you won’t find in other companies: the SEO framework ERICA. Short for Execution, Research, Interlinking, Content, and Action, it can boost your SEO better than other tools. 

Curious about its features? Read on to learn more about why you should try the ERICA framework — your answer to the toughest SEO challenges imaginable. 

What is the ERICA Framework?

As mentioned, ERICA uses five elements that bring a consistent flow of visitors and leads to your website. 


This is all about assessing your website’s present situation and how it evolved. At the same time, it also takes a look at your business competitors. 


This entails researching the best content, keywords, and topics, as well as any site issues that might affect your SEO. That way, Gert Mellak and his team can help you review the best SEO strategy for your site. 


Links are vital marketing tools. According to Ahrefs, websites with numerous backlinks often get more traffic. 

Apart from adding links to your company pages, ERICA readily informs you of any threat related to your links. 


The framework helps you develop the right content and structure, all based on the neurologic processing system. 


Gert Mellak will provide you with detailed instructions on what to do for your site. That way, your team can focus on these more important aspects.

ERICA Framework Features That Help Boost SEO

This framework comes with features that help you overcome the toughest SEO challenges:

  • Dashboard containing info regarding SEO performance, key elements, and KPIs
  • Explanation of prioritized research tasks
  • Illustration of interlinking status
  • Content tasks aligned with Google preferences 
  • Action steps for the next two weeks and their respective explanations

Other Framework Features 

You can download the framework’s app to access these additional features:

  • Technical data extracted from regular site crawls
  • Understandable reports on topics, as well as good and bad URLs
  • Instructional videos to help you navigate the program
  • Option to set up a 15-minute consult with SEO Leverage founder Gert Mellak

Availing the ERICA Framework also gives you access to the similarly named e-book. Available through the SEO Leverage site or Amazon, the e-book not only talks about strategy for your search engine optimization but also doubles as an instructional manual to keep your website optimized to the tee. 

How Often Should You Revise Your ERICA Framework?

According to Gert Mellak, you should have a periodic revision every two weeks. Through this, the ERICA framework remains updated with the newest trends. 

In essence, this ensures that your company site is optimized at all times. 

How Much is the ERICA Framework?

The service costs 790 Euros a month. But even it costs quite a bit of money, this all-inclusive package comes with these valuable features: 

  • Monthly strategy video
  • List of specific action items 
  • Access to SEO Leverage app for SEO management and monitoring
  • Help desk, where you can contact the SEO Leverage team for any task-related concern
  • Quick check-ins with founder Gert Mellak
  • Weekly insiders’ update 
  • Regular technical site audits
  • Analysis of internal and external links
  • Analysis and optimization of content structure or gap
  • Competitive research

Why You Should Get the ERICA Framework

Here are several reasons why the ERICA framework is a godsend for your site’s SEO. 

Many Perks Included

Your account is not limited to the ERICA program itself. You also get other great perks, such as an insider’s update. Given weekly, these updates keep you aware of the newest SEO trends in the market. It also comes with regular technical audits, which can help boost website traffic even more. 

Although SEO Leverage offers excellent support through its help desk, you can always learn the ERICA framework all by yourself. All you need to do is watch the framework video or read the accompanying book.

No Strings Attached

The agreement is renewed monthly. That means you don’t have to worry about committing to the program for a long time (though you’ll surely want to).

Positive Customer Reviews 

Many local and international entrepreneurs have tried this program. Needless to say, most of them are impressed with ERICA’s features and benefits. 

Here’s a featured review from Ryan Spanger, CEO of the company Dream Engine Australia:

“The best part (of ERICA) is that it doesn’t ‘game’ the system. Instead, it works on the website according to Google criteria. As a result, we end up making foundations that are a lot stronger.” 

Apart from the program, customers like Benjamin Bicker (Regus CEO) are happy with Gert’s consistent services. In fact, he “recommends Gert to anybody who needs SEO or online marketing services.” 

Want to improve your site and make more sales? Try the ERICA framework — your answer to the toughest SEO challenges!

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