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How to Attract Readers to your Site?

More and more visitors, exploding traffic, converting prospects… Admit it, you dream of it for your website! Want to know how to attract readers to your site? Techniques exist and they are truly effective.

The Internet is a machine that has a language. If you know how to talk to her, she will guide readers to your e-commerce or your blog. And from reader to customer, there is only one step.

So, to your notes: here is the ABC of this language of the Web whose alphabet is called SEO, SMO, persona, traffic, referencing. Don’t understand these terms? We explain to you!

Attract readers to your site with quality content

Three steps to capture interest: know the reader’s needs, make them want to read and turn the visitor into a loyal customer. Don’t overlook any of them!

1. Know your audience to grab their attention

Generating traffic is the same as attracting customers to a store. To begin, put yourself in the shoes of the ideal visitor. Ask yourself simple questions:

  • Who is he?
  • What is he looking for?
  • How to meet their needs?

It’s basic, but many e-merchants don’t ask themselves any of these questions. We don’t speak the same way to everyone: take the time to learn who you are talking to: you will know what to say, what not to say and above all, the most important thing, how to say it!

2. How to entice the reader? Here is the key!

Do you remember all the articles, podcasts and videos you have seen and read on the internet this week?

No, and that’s normal: the human brain is incapable of it.

On the other hand, you easily remember a text that made you laugh or move forward, a well thought out formula, a crisp style and rich in information. Do the same, give pleasure and usefulness to your reader. He must save time by visiting your site, not lose it. Offer him neat, effective and concrete content. He will remember it and you will distinguish yourself from your competitors. The person who takes the trouble to linger there must immediately understand what you are offering. Your site is your showcase: take care of it!

But be careful: producing quality texts requires time and above all the know-how of a professional web editor…

3. Once a visitor, always a visitor: making the internet user addicted

How to retain Internet users? If you’ve made a good impression with quality content, that’s a good start. But if you don’t make any updates, your player will look for something new elsewhere. Remember it: feed your site regularly, publish, increase your value and it will appear as a “good plan”. You know: the one you talk about with your family, your colleagues, your friends… We all know one: become that one.

To succeed in this progression, be a strategist: plan your publications, anticipate the news in your sector to write your articles accordingly. Play on the suspense, make promises… and keep them!

Generate traffic for free: a winning strategy

An advertising campaign is expensive and short-lived. To attract readers to your site for free, there is only one method: improve your natural referencing. It is better to appear at the very top of the screen on Google: if your site responds with relevance to the requests of the Internet user, this will be the case. Fortunately, for that, there are techniques.

SEO, or how to get ahead of everyone on search engines

SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, is the set of actions that send Google indices of your site’s relevance. The more the search engine judges these to be adapted to the requests of Internet users, the more visibility it offers to the pages concerned.

These criteria are well known:

  • The quality of the content: well-written, coherent and error-free texts are recognized as qualitative by the search engine;
  • The structure: a well-constructed site, with logic, where the Internet user evolves quickly and well, benefits from better visibility;
  • Notoriety: links to other content, judiciously placed, encourage the reader to stay on your site. This is called internal linking.

Coming back from the depths of Google is not surface work

Referencing your website has nothing to do with the quality of the services and products you sell. If your visit counter remains close to zero, Google invites you to review the points mentioned above. But a few tweaks will not be enough: SEO is a long-term, demanding job, the benefits of which are sometimes long in coming.

Only patience and an adapted strategy give good results. Work on your positioning with finesse, look for the right words, improve your old texts and write new ones. Without stopping.

Writing impactful texts is necessary, but be sure to insert them in a clear, logical structure for the reader… and for the search engine!

Take tablet and smartphone users (mobile users) into account: adapt your formats to these narrow screens, which are often consulted in precarious conditions of comfort. Again, make it easy to read.

Also think about getting external links that point to your site. This is called a backlink and plays an essential role in SEO.

In SEO, amateurism is a lure

As you will have understood, quality referencing cannot be improvised. It’s a real skill that professional SEO web writers have mastered. Call on them: based on an audit of your site, they will offer you suitable solutions. It’s an investment that quickly pays for itself! La Redact’ du Web has a wide choice of writers trained in the business of producing optimized content. Get in touch with them: they are listening to you.

Attract Internet users through social networks

A good SMO (Social Media Optimization), or digital communication strategy on social networks, can be summed up in one word: discipline!
Concretely, this means limiting its presence to a few well-chosen platforms, anticipating publications and providing real added value.

Choose your platforms wisely

Focus on two or three social media, preferably complementary: for example, YouTube for video, Facebook for text and LinkedIn for a B-to-B approach.

It all depends on your audience: if you want to reach a rather young target with a light and humorous tone, choose TikTok. If your content has a visual or aesthetic interest, bet on Instagram.

The key to success on social networks? Above all, don’t want to be everywhere at once. Unless you dedicate your days to it (and more), you won’t have time to manage your accounts, respond to comments, or do effective monitoring. There’s nothing worse than an inactive or sporadically populated account with vague or poorly written content. Again, think showcase! The Instagram blue tick verification process is a stepping stone to your shop: it is therefore a question of taking care of your image there, as you do elsewhere.

Anticipate to publish better

Once you have chosen your platforms, plan your publications. It’s not wasted time! It’s about being in the right place at the right time in the flow of posts, to capture the reader’s attention. A post that sticks to the news has more relevance than a generic text presenting your products.
If you want to launch a webinar, announce it several times, well in advance and coordinate its distribution on Facebook, YouTube, etc.
If you plan to produce a series of videos, the same principle: plan the material, the script, the right time to broadcast, do not improvise. Or else the quality won’t be there and that’s not what you want!

Give, the reader will give back

Last but not least: good content, which brings together a community of loyal subscribers, contains real added value. In your publications, reveal some of your secrets, give tips and tricks, show behind the scenes of your activity. Lure the Internet user, he will want to know more: you will tell him of course, but on your site!

Bring a human side: reply to comments, like the most interesting ones… Initiate the dialogue by asking questions to your audience. You will collect valuable information about your potential customers!

Attracting readers to your site is the dream of all web entrepreneurs. That’s why you have to do better than the others. And that is the work of a professional web editor!

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