How to Buy Gold and the Risks Involved

Investment is just the right way to go with securing the future. This is clearly because wealth and financial security cannot be built by savings alone. A clergyman even explained that “no man can save into wealth, talk less of leaving something reasonable for the next generation through saving”.

That is why potential and even experienced investors have to learn well enough about investment opportunities. Learning about the opportunities that abound in this regard will ensure that they make the most of them.

It will also help steer clear of the bad investment decisions and unreasonable opportunities. For more on this subject, you can visit:

As a golden rule of learning about investment opportunities, people are not only expected to think about the possible gains. They should also consider the cost involved. The cost here does not only have to do with the capital involved. It also has to do with the definite and possible risks involved.

Against this backdrop, this article will shed light on how to make the most of investment in Gold and the risks involved. We advised that you follow through to the end of this article because of its importance.

2 Ways You Can Buy Gold and the Risks Involved

Buy Gold

As explained earlier, investing in gold is a possibility and you should know that this is one of the most historic investment opportunities. However, some investment avenues are older than others. Having established this, below are a few that can be considered:

Gold Bullion

Frankly, this form of investment is one of the most emotionally satisfying for many people. This is not only because of the returns on investment that it can command but the pleasure of owning the cherished precious metal.

Gold bullion can be purchased in either coins or bars and you need to understand what form works best for you. Profiting from the ownership of gold bullion is dependent on the value of the precious metal rising.

This is something that seems to happen as far as experience is concerned. However, it is better seen as a long-term investment strategy than a get-rich-quick tactic. To make this purchase safely and legitimately, this can be done by:

  • Buying from a Collector
  • Buying from a Dealer
  • Buying from an Online Dealer
  • Pawn Shop

The truth is that dealing with some guarantees better experiences than others. A pawn shop falls way down the pecking order in this regard in our opinion for instance. This is especially when you are buying gold that is not in jewelry form. For more on the subject of pawnshops, you can click here.

Rather than dealing with a pawn shop, we have gathered that dealing with a reputable dealer is better. And as promised, some of the definite and possible downsides include:

Absolute Dependence on the Rising Value of Gold

Truth be told, this is the situation with almost every gold investment. So, it is more of a general problem than one particular to investing in Gold bullion.

The investors have to wait for their purchase coins or bar to appreciate before they can get returns on investment. Sometimes, this can only happen in the long term.

Security of Precious Metal Asset

We did start by stressing how buying gold in this form is emotionally satisfying for most people. This is because of the pleasure that comes with seeing the precious metals you purchase.

Well, the downside is security as there have been several cases of theft. This is why investors have to be very cautious. The best way to go about this is securing the precious metal asset in a secure facility and this leads us to the next point.

Cost of Securing Your Asset

Should you decide to secure your gold in a secure facility (which is a reasonable thing to do), you would have to pay for this service. The charges especially by certain service providers could be ridiculous.

Liquidating Your Precious Metal Asset

If you need to sell your gold as soon as possible, there may be a problem getting real value for it. This is especially true if you are not in business with a reputable dealer.

Mining Stock

We did explain that most of these precious metal investments are solely dependent on value appreciation. Well, a few are not in this category and this is one of them. By investing in gold mining stock, you have another way to benefit from investment in this precious metal resource.

This is because the production standards of the mining company that you align with can guarantee returns on investment. The possible rising cost of gold is just an added incentive. However, you have to do business with a good mining company as a lot depends on this.

Having established this, you should understand that this investment avenue also comes with some possible downsides. Some of them include the following:

Dependence on the Mining Company

The truth is that the fate of your investment is tied to the fate of the mining company you are in business with. You should also know that there are many bad mining companies out there. This is why you need to go on a fact-finding mission to know the trustworthy ones out there.

The Volatility of the Market

There is a huge similarity between gold mining stock and paper stock. This is the fact that they are volatile. So, this is something that you should consider before making the most of these gold investment avenues.


We have shed light on 2 major ways through which you can invest in gold. The truth is that there are several others and you should equally know them. Before you begin to look for gold to buy, be sure to fully understand the risks.

Understanding the risks involved in any investment opportunity is not to keep you away from investing. Instead, it is meant to make you well informed about what possibly lies ahead.

This is why this article has done more than discuss the 2 avenues discussed above. We have also discussed the possible risks and advise that you make informed decisions going forward.

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