How to change your nails to the new season with popular nail polish in spring?

It’s that time of year when spring is in full bloom, and the gradual rise in temperature seems to have awakened our hearts in pursuit of a brighter and brighter early spring. When you look at your nails, galglitter found that the dirty orange and brick red nail polish that was popular last fall and winter was too dull.

No way, no way!

Spring is in full bloom, from the nail beauty up ~

Burberry spring nail polish is still cool British gentleman style appearance, full of the British model, full of classic plaid design. But the choice of color how cannot hide a meet the arrival of spring leap girl heart it ~ a box of three colors are light pink (color number 101), beans (color number 403) and lake blue (color number 433). It is like a noble girl wearing a khaki trench coat with a big skirt, holding an umbrella, singing and dancing with cowhide to take away in the rainon the street, looking left and right. It is the feeling of early spring. In this kind of humid weather, a touch of gentle lake blue can hold the early spring stirring of rainy days.

MISS CANDY early spring limited edition nail art set

I used to feel she was a little low, but this early spring model lovers not yet full MCS279 set is really good-looking ah; cherry pink white and glitter white immediately caught my eye, and the gold pulling pen riveting applique decoration is also very cost-effective. Cherry blossomappliquepink and lovely, gold pull line and rivets love gold star decoration makes this originally ordinary pink, and white color suddenly has a new definition, spring elegant petty woman’s taste immediately out ~ cherry pink, white color plain and love, if with the moringa style or small fragrance style tassel knit can be perfectly managed, the white skin students do not let go ~.

JILL STUART spring limited SWEET COUTURE series

JILL STUART is the face of the makeup industry, proper little male! This year JILL STUART is also a dreamy and sweet princess style; the warm tones of macaron ice cream make people look at a glance will not want to look away, immediately associated with the favorite dessert, frosting, just like the dream kingdom of the macaron.

The nail polish is a creamy macaron shade, 63 Vanilla Milk Tea, 64 Strawberry Milk Tea, 65 YuzuMilk Tea, 66 Cream Green, 67 Peach Milk Tea (the main one), and a strawberry jam-like crystal clear top coat. These are all dessert-like colors that are dreamy and lovely, and they are full of the happiness of being surrounded by all kinds of favorite desserts, so fairies who are sweet and gentle can try them.

LUNASOL Yongkang Purifying Nail Polish Series

This time, the nail polish is mainly transparent and moist, this time purple, yellow, orange, pink, blue, etc., all through the full glittering white to blend and become, no pearl, very soft and pink for spring. Five kinds of watery color simply which can not give up, five fingers each one ruby color, to create a colorful spring nail, such color combination can make nail polish has more spring and vitality, there is a spring wearing a small dress in the sunlight in the greenhouse surrounded by a variety of bright and beautiful flowers feeling. Although you can’t part with all five, if you don’t want to buy five cans at once, I recommend EX58, which is blue; it’s a relatively treasured color.

SUQQU and flower series

SUQQU this spring focus on the bold, slender, flashy, and unassuming female image. Spring is limited to three colors of natural elegance, suitable for all occasions, shaping a gorgeous and stylish urban woman. Imagine you are tired of the daily routine of going to work; at this time, anew nail polish that is light and simple without losing its magnificence is undoubtedly the best

small gift to improve your mood. This light but feminine color can be matched with any style of clothing; if the mood has been a little dull recently, it may be possible to change these three colors ~.

YSL street graffiti series nail polish

YSL 2022 spring to The Streets and I as the theme, not back to the previous sense of luxury, are street graffiti style. Nail polish using lively and bold orange, rich collision sense of gray and white color scheme, both retro classic and some cool feeling it! Personally, I feel that YSL nail polish this time is very suitable for the dark Harajuku style girls – black leather collar, aviator jacket, black belly button undershirt, and small shorts with holes plus big black mesh socks and thigh-high boots; add a splash of bright and bold orange on the nails, the rebellious and unrestrained and lively cool and handsome feeling will come roughly ~ ~.

Of course, this nail polish is also suitable for a white loose hooded sweatshirt and sky blue flared jeans with black shoes; after all, this YSL theme is about a youthful and handsome unrestrainedwell~.

DIOR colorful spring nail polish series

The theme of DOIR2022 spring makeup is colorful gradient, pure pink color. The nail polishes are limited to four colors: 340 Maybe orange, 505Early bright yellow, 800 Now peacock blue, 873Sudden garnet red.

Dior spring makeup this year to take a light line, no matter eye makeup and lip makeup are very simple, but nail polish is a prominent point of strong color. If you draw a pink and light spring date makeup, then peacock blue or pomegranate red nail polish is more than good ~ nude makeup highlights your natural beauty, and colorful nail polish looks like your hands are long and white; you really do not have a boyfriend this year Dior spring date makeup to attract peach blossom now?

RMK 2022 Color Revolution Series

The official color codes are EX-65 Light Pink, EX-66 Cherry Pink, EX-67 Real Pink, EX-68 ModernNude Brown, EX-69 Glossy Nude Brown, and EX-70 Glossy Pink. The nail polish contains four pink shades and two nude shades, which can assist in completing a variety of looks that are cute or dry. However, based on gel glitter understanding of nail polish powder products, too vivid pink tones may be a bit too eye-catching. Instead, it is the nude tones – such as fresh milk tea-like nude brown, glossy nude brown that shows elegance, etc. that can better complement a vivid and beautiful spring look. As spring is the time to liberate the heavy dark colors, if your clothes are bold and colorful, then why not have an RMK milk tea nude brown nail polish to balance out the jumpy colors on your body?

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