How to choose a good Weed Scale?

A good scale is essential for those in the business of selling marijuana or Hemp flower products. It is recommended for users as well. The scale helps users make the right recipe by using the correct quantity of flowers or powder. Visit to learn more about different weed scales in the market. Here is a complete guide on things to consider while buying a weed scale


The primary purpose of buying a weed scale is accuracy. Therefore, it is essential to ensure that the scale provides accurate measures. How to check this before purchasing the scale? It is impossible to check on the scale’s accuracy while buying, especially in current times, where 90% of the purchases are made online. Therefore, go for a branded scale. A good brand constantly tests and provides quality assurance. One can very reasonably expect good accuracy from a branded weed scale. For further details, you could check here


The weed scales come in varied sizes, starting from a pocket-sized scale to a large-sized scale. Choose the scale according to the purpose. If the scale is for personal use, go for a pocket-size scale because you can carry it anywhere easily.

Different Units of measurement

Choose a scale that provides different units of measurement. Of course, one can convert kilos to pounds easily. But when a weighing scale has an added convenience feature, why not choose that.

Digital or Analog

Digital scales do not require calibration. They are smaller in size and are more accurate. However, they are expensive as compared to analog scales. Digital scales are the right choice for small measurements. Get analog scales for bigger measurements.

How to calibrate your scale?

Place an object of known weight on the scale. A 100-gram peanut packet or 10-gram chocolate will do! Now check on the reading. Compare the results. Look at the differences and calibrate accordingly. Suppose the machine reads 100.01 while placing a 100-gram pocket. Then reduce 0.01 grams on the device while setting it to zero.

Wet weeds weigh more.

The dispensaries seldom wet their weeds to make them heavier. 

How to spot such fraudulent activities?

A wet weed bud looks darker. A wet weed doesn’t smoke properly, and one cannot get a decent hit from the wet product. It chars up, and the smell is weird and different. While pressing against the folded sheets, the buds leave a wet mark.

A sand dusted weed looks like it is covered in kief. Hold the dusted buds and shake gently. The kief-like material falls off immediately. But original kief doesn’t fall off easily.

Return and Exchange agreement

While buying online, check on the return and exchange agreement. It should include the following:

How is a refund provided? How many days do they take to refund? Will the seller replace the item as early as possible? Will they charge for replacement? Etc.

How to measure weed without scale?

Use a penny. A penny weighs 2.5 grams. Balance the penny on one end of the ruler and the weed on the other. With this technique, one can approximately measure the weed.

Is it illegal to buy a scale?

No. It is only illegal to carry the scale along with illegal cannabis.

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