How to Choose a Suitable Security Camera: 8 Steps

Connected security cameras have come as a blessing to many homeowners who tend to monitor their homes. With security cameras in your home, you can prevent intruders from entering your home or see how deliveries are made.

Security cameras are worth investing in if only you understand how to choose a suitable security camera. It can be challenging when you spend a lot on a security camera that does not meet your goals. Without the right tips, you are likely to get it wrong because there are various them in the market. Read through the article and learn the eight tips below.

How to Choose A Suitable Security Camera: 8 Steps?

Our discussion below will equip you with eight essential steps that you should follow to select the right security camera. If you don’t follow the steps, you will likely land at home with an unsuitable security camera. Don’t you think you can be wasting your money? If yes, learn the following tips on how to choose a suitable security camera below.

1. Understand the Camera Type You Need 

Before you choose your security camera, you need to know the types available in the market. Consequently, the kind of camera that you choose is influenced by the place you place your camera.

The home security cameras vary depending on whether you want to put them indoors or outdoors. When you intend to put them outside the house, you should consider either a wireless or a video doorbell. Voiceofsafety also offers a much affordable Security Camera System that you can choose from.

When mounting on the front door, a video doorbell is the best because you can power it with the doorbell wiring. Consequently, you can monitor the other areas with a wireless security camera. Remember to check whether your wireless security cameras are waterproof.

2. Check the pros of the IR security camera?

One of the security cameras you can use in your home or business is the infrared security cameras. They are ideal because they feature a high-resolution color video. They are also effective in low light conditions or where there is no light entirely.

These cameras illuminate your area once you switch from color to black and white, which you won’t see with your eyes. Infrared cameras can withstand both cold and hot temperatures without being housed by another camera. If you want a clear video image when there is light or no light, this is the ideal camera. 

3. Consider wired or wireless cameras 

For unmatched flexibility when placing your cameras around your home, consider the video doorbells and Battery-powered cameras that are wireless. You will recharge your camera depending on how heavy it works and its type. You can recharge either weekly or once a year.

With the hardwired cameras, you will not have the recharging problem, but the placement options are less. However, you can hire an electrician or run an extension cord by yourself. Worth noting is that the power source may limit the number of models you choose from. This usually happens using the doorbells because the battery-powered models are less in the market.

4. Compare Cloud Storage Plans

Before choosing a suitable camera for you, you need to know the free cloud storage capacity. Besides, it is paramount for you to determine your camera’s additional storage costs before you buy.

Cloud storage is common to many manufacturers. The footage is stored on the servers rather than hard disk or memory cards. This is ideal because these video files are large at times. This cloud storage can provide information about an intruder that came to your house.

Each model comes with different storage plans depending on the manufacturer. Therefore, you must compare the plans that you want for you to get a suitable security camera.

5. Consider Your Privacy

Other than just monitoring your home, your privacy is paramount. These cameras connect to the internet and show a view of your home, so somebody can peek in and have a glance. Moreover, the manufacturers have cases of a security breach in cases where they have weak security.

If you want to have the cameras always secured, ensure that you desist from using default credentials. Set your preferred passwords that are strong and hard to guess. You can also check whether your cameras have two-factor authentication. 

This additional layer provides security by prompting you to enter a one-time code sent to your phone. This can make it hard for hackers to access your login information.

6. Check out which advantages the dome camera comes with

The dome cameras are essential because intruders may not easily notice where the lens is pointing. Their picture quality is unmatched because they are not affected by the smoked cover.

Consequently, this camera offers a clear picture with high resolution. Dome cameras best suit outdoor and indoor installations because they have a camera housing.

7. Consider how a pro box camera works and its advantages

The pro box camera is suitable because its video is of high quality. It usually is ideal in supermarkets, convenience stores, and banks. They allow you to change the lens according to the zoom that you want.

The camera is best suited in complete darkness when the lux is lower because it sees much better. They are the best replacements for infrared cameras.

8. Understand the Pan Tilt Zoom Camera

The pan tilt zoom camera can be suitable for you if you are looking for cameras controlled by the DVR. These cameras also have a joystick or remote viewing software. These cameras have zoom capability and can oscillate through all directions. Worth noting is that the cameras are expensive, and they need an extra cable to operate.


The above tips on how to choose a suitable security camera system for your home are a must follow. Neglecting any of them will lead to a wrong choice of the security camera, which is detrimental in the long run. Ensure you keep in mind every tip and factor so that you can make the right choice. The decision of which one to buy solely remains with you regarding your individual needs and goals. Choose the best and enjoy the services.                

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