How to choose the right mobile scaffold

Choosing the right gear for the job is paramount for anyone choosing to renovate or maintain their own house. For projects at an elevated height, selecting a suitable mobile scaffold can be difficult, given the variety of models around. Below we will help you understand the questions to ask yourself as well as what the different models of mobile towers can do.

Cost of Mobile Scaffold

The first question to ask is, what is your budget? If the budget is tight and there are no plans to use the scaffold beyond a single job, you’re better off hiring rather than buying. It’s important not to throw away money when better deals are on the market.

Many wholesalers allow the hire of specific scaffolds at a fraction of the sale price.

Not only does it save money, but it also minimises the hassle of finding long-term storage once you don’t need it.

What Height of Scaffold Tower do You Need?

Understanding the elevation of the workspace is vital to answering this question. Another aspect is the dimensions; How narrow is the working space, and are there objects that could potentially obstruct a tower?

For example, buying a single-width tower would be more practical if you’re in a tight alley between two buildings. Their compact design enables them to fit through passageways the same width as a door.

Alternatively, the workspace may only be able to fit structures under two metres in length. Single-width is viable over double-width towers in this scenario as they measure around 1.9 metres while their broader counterparts are 2.5 metres.

Scaffold dimensions will be an ongoing question, especially in enclosed spaces, so it is vital to grasp the nature of the area you are working in.

What is The Intended Use?

Finally, it all comes down to the needs of the job regarding scaffolds. Are you cleaning gutters? Do you need heavy equipment with you when elevated? The answer here is all about personal preference.

Trying to fit two people with heavy equipment on a single platform is tricky. The double-width towers shine here with extra space and a safe working load of 450kg.

The advantage of mobile scaffolds is the ability to move them quickly around a site, but what if all work takes place on a single wall? Suddenly it becomes a burden to repeatedly climb up and down every time the structure needs to move over a metre. Certain suppliers offer multi-bay packages allowing users to extend the length of their mobile towers up to 12 metres. The interconnected towers save the hassle of continually having to move a scaffold to the next working space.

mobile scaffold
Figure 1: A multi-bay tower set is held together by guardrail posts

It is essential to understand your budget, the workspace dimensions, and the job requirements before purchasing any tower. For those who are prepared, we still recommend speaking with your local suppliers who can offer additional insight into planning your work.

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