How To Choose the Right USA Dedicated Server For Your Website?


In this advancing digital age, not having a website for your business can keep you away from making huge profits that your business is worth. Moreover, what is crucial after making a business website is picking the right server for hosting it. That is because web hosting service is highly responsible for determining the following things – 

  • Your website SEO ranking
  • The volume of web traffic
  • The speed of your business website
  • The uptime and downtime network
  • And many more things. 

Therefore, here we have come up with the dedicated server USA that renders the perfect hosting solution by fulfilling all types of your website’s requirements at every moment. Many people avoid opting for dedicated server hosting due to its expensive cost. But, here, you will also be introduced to the Serverwala company rendering the cheap dedicated server in USA with high-scale hosting facilities. But before anything else, let’s figure out how a dedicated server is different and can raise your web business much more productively than other hosting servers. 

The difference between Dedicated Hosting & Other Hostings

The two most common and popular hosting servers that you can discover in the industry apart from the dedicated server are – shared server and virtual private server. 

The shared server basically provides the ideal hosting service for those small web businesses that do not require much control over the server. Also, it is the choice for those business owners who can fulfill their website’s needs with a limited amount of resources. It makes numerous users share the server space as well as its resources with each other. This is the reason for shared server hosting for being the cheapest hosting service than any other. 

On the other side, the virtual private server, also known as VPS, serves the upgraded version of the shared server hosting. You share the same physical server with many users but acquire the virtual and isolated environment to host your business website. Also, unlike shared server hosting, you acquire the dedicated web resources and flexibility to run your server. The VPS hosting is the option for those businesses attaining a good amount of traffic, but not wanting to shift to the dedicated server. 

Whereas the dedicated server, as the name implies, gives its all space and resources only to host your business website. Unlike other hosting serves, you do not require to share your server space and resources. Many business owners switch to the US dedicated server after hosting their site on a shared server or VPS, and some directly pick it. Ultimately, if your aim is to grow your web business to greater heights or enable your business website’s seamless performance even with high traffic, a cheap dedicated server is the choice for you. Jump to the following section to get insights into the benefits and privileges the dedicated server in USA renders over the other hosting servers. 

Why You Need a Dedicated Server Hosting in USA?

Why you need a dedicated server

Mentioned below are the significant reasons for buying a dedicated server for hosting your business website – 

Optimized and Enhanced Performance

You acquire access to all the server resources and a unique IP address for your business website even with a cheap and best dedicated server USA. This lets your website deliver optimized and enhanced performance.

High Reliability

With dedicated server hosting, you can utilize your server for any purpose and make it successful. Moreover, you get the possibility to take almost all decisions when it comes to how your website can be hosted the best. 

Complete Root Access

You get complete root access to your server. With this, you get the right to fully configure as well as customize your dedicated server according to the growth and needs of your website. 

High-level Security

No matter how cheap dedicated server USA you buy, your website can still have a secure, independent, and private hosting platform. 

What are Factors That You Should Consider While Selecting Dedicated Server in USA?

Make sure of the availability of the following things before you pick any dedicated server USA – 

  • Make sure that the hosting provider you are seeking has positive customer feedback. 
  • You must acquire the hardware specifications of your choice from the hosting company. To be more precise, the hardware performance and capabilities provided by the hosting company must entirely support your efficient website’s functioning. 
  • Ensure that your server is robust enough to enable you to run the compatible operating system and the rest needed applications for your business website. 
  • Your hosting company must enable you to scale the web resources of your USA dedicated server as and when needed by your growing website. 
  • You must be able to implement multiple layers of security with your server in order to ensure the complete website’s data security. 
  • You must acquire round-the-clock technical assistance from the certified professionals of the company.

Serverwala – The Right Dedicated Server Provider in USA


After much reviewing, we can recommend and state here that Serverwala is one such top-notch hosting company that renders the cheap dedicated server USA with the best hosting facilities. It is an industry-leading and globally renowned organization, which is always at the forefront in meeting the data center needs of its customers. Highlighted below are the vital benefits that come with the company’s cheap dedicated server USA for advancing your web business swiftly and smoothly – 

  • Top-tier equipment
  • Hardware tools based on resilient and latest technology
  • Support for the hardware RAID 0, RAID 1, RAID 5, and RAID 10 
  • Premium bandwidth with the consistent and fastest network
  • Private VLAN Subnets
  • Service level agreement with each dedicated server hosting plan
  • 100% Uptime guarantee 
  • SSH root control
  • Data encryption with other hyper-scale security features


With the Serverwala cheap dedicated server USA, you can get high scalability, flexibility, reliability, security, and ownership. Moreover, you will always have technical support from highly skilled professionals who are available 24/7 to provide prompt responses and accessible solutions. Further, they can be contacted via various communications mediums such as Whatsapp, Skype, Phone Call, Live Chat, Email, etc. If you have any queries related to the web hosting services or plans, you can right away reach out to them through customer support. Also, you can check out Serverwala’s informational website to grab the rest of the details about the plans and packages of its dedicated server USA.

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