How To Choose Water Softener?

A majority of people these days have a hard water supply in their homes. Hard water includes minerals such as magnesium and calcium. This water can cause dry skin and can make your skin itchy along with forming build-up in faucets, pipes, and other such appliances that use water. Your life will become comfortable when the water is soft. Here are some of the reasons why you should get a water softener for your house without any delay.

Damages Your Clothes

Hard water can make your white clothes look dingy and the color of your clothes will fade away in no time. Hard water has minerals as mentioned earlier, these minerals are deposited on the clothes and make them look dirty even when you have washed them. Soaps and detergents do not form any lather in hard water. This is why one cannot wash clothes properly using hard water. Rather than making your clothes clean, the minerals are deposited on top of it.

Hair And Skin Becomes Dry

If you have hard water in showers, it can make your skin itchy after you have taken a bath. This is because the minerals in the water tend to make the skin stretchy and dry. Soft water on the other hand helps you get soft and clear skin.

Hard water is not good for your hair as well. This is responsible for dry hair that breaks off easily. This is the reason why people should use soft water in showers rather than using hard water.

Expensive Repairs

The mineral in the hard water starts to build up in the pipes, faucets, fixtures and other such appliances in your house that use water. When the water is heated, the minerals form crystals and settle on the appliances. The pipes that carry hot hard water realize water at low pressure due to building up. One has to change the entire plumbing system to get rid of this problem.

Home appliances such as dishwashers, laundry machines, water heaters, coffee makers etc also tend to fail now and then due to this build-up on the inside. You have to repair them frequently and eventually have to spend a lot of money on repairs.

To save money one should install a water softener for home. This will turn hard water into software and will ensure that your appliances are working just fine.

As we can see that mineral build-up can be prevented by using softeners we should get installed in no time. To buy the best softener for your house, follow the tips that are below.

Size Of The Water Softener

The first thing that you should be doing is to figure out the needs of your family. You should know the amount of water that is needed daily in your house to figure out the size of softener you must invest in.

An average person uses around eight to a hundred gallons of water every day. This can vary from one household to another as it depends on the type of lifestyle one prefers. If you have toddlers or infants in your house, you have to wash extra clothes, teenagers take more time in showers and dishwashers have to work more when you have guests.

Take note of the water that is used in your house and then multiply it with the number of grains you have in the water of your house. More grains means more hardness in the water. You can know about the grains by using water test kits or by calling the municipality water supply to provide them.

Usually, a four-person house uses thirty-three thousand grains of the water softener.

Regeneration Considerations

Softeners have a resin bed in the tank that helps trap the minerals and also divert them from the supply. After some time the resin beds start to have layers coated on top due to the deposits. These should be regenerated with the use of softener salts along with the water supply. You would need the same amount of water that is necessary for you to do your laundry and the overall process takes ninety minutes.

The water softener should be set to regenerate the night when the water is not in use. This is programmed and the time taken usually depends on the use of the family. You should get a model that tells you when you would require more salt to complete the process. Put a reminder on the calendar or check the levels manually.

Look for dual water softeners if you want to have soft water in the reserve stored for you when the softener is regenerating. These are certain points that you should consider while looking for a water softener for your home. Choose to deal with the best companies and get products that are certified by the experts and are safe for use. You can also check for reviews and then select the one that meets your requirements.

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