How to deck Your Patio or Garden?

Decks are an excellent way to add living space and value to your home, and they can be customized to fit the aesthetic of your property’s unique style. You can also modify deck plans based on your needs, whether that means you need extra room for entertaining or simply prefer a quiet place to read on hot summer days. As you plan your deck, consider these creative deck ideas that will provide you with the perfect space in which to unwind.

Create a Feature Wall

If you want to design a unique deck, think about adding a feature wall. There are many ways to do it. You can build up a wall and create an elevated patio area, making it feel like part of your garden. 

You can also use a piece of furniture as a foundation to extend your deck from your home. This creates an open area that brings more light and air into your living space. You’ll get extra living space without using any more ground area in your garden, patio, or backyard.

Cozy Up a Covered Deck

Making your deck seem like a natural extension of your home can be as simple as installing a canopy. A lattice canopy covered in vines, trailing plants, and climbing ivy create a garden-like effect that brings both beauty and shade to any deck. 

The extra layer not only insulates you from sun and rain but also provides an ideal place to display large pots of lush houseplants that add a pop of color and fresh greenery to your space. 

Depending on your budget, coverings like woven fabric panels are easy to install yourself, or you could opt for a more permanent solution with hardwoods like cedar that can help keep moisture at bay.

Go for Non-Slip Decking Around a Pool

While most decking materials have a good grip on them, wet surfaces and slippery soles can still lead to accidents. There are anti-slip treatments available, but with composite decks being highly durable there’s no need to resort to anything artificial. 

Stair treads made from composite decking boards will give you a solid foothold as you cross from one level of your deck to another. Decked staircases are also easy on bare feet as they provide lots of traction.

Keep Warm with a Heater

If you have a patio, chances are it gets pretty chilly outside during certain times of year. This is why having a heater on your deck is extremely important. There are many different options when it comes to heating sources on your deck. 

For example, you can opt for an electric patio heater which heats up quickly and evenly, but will likely be prone to tripping your circuit breaker if used too often. You can also try an outdoor fireplace which adds ambiance to any deck.

Create an outdoor cinema

Grab a projector, set up some chairs and host an outdoor movie night under stars. Invite friends over and have them bring snacks and their favorite movies. Maybe even decorate your chairs like little theaters (think white sheets over shoulders, etc.)! It will be fun, cheap, and quite memorable for everyone involved! 

Wooden slatted steps to a lower level seating area

Maybe your deck is next to a pool or has a lower seating area. You can add wooden slats to create steps that lead down to a fun, lower seating area! These are best used in conjunction with patio table sets because they give you another surface and make cleaning up much easier. 

In addition, as one of these steps sits next to an area where you’re already sitting it also makes it more comfortable to be out on your deck. While other great landscaping ideas might be feasible no matter what your space looks like, if you have stairs off of your deck try implementing these new ones first.

The outdoor dining space undercover

Many of us have porches that face out onto our backyards. If you’re lucky enough to have a porch, consider making it into an outdoor dining space where guests can relax on comfortable furniture and enjoy views of your beautiful garden. 

If you don’t have a porch but still want to create a gorgeous outdoor seating area, take advantage of nearby structures such as pergolas or raised gardens. These elements provide great shelter from sun and rain but leave plenty of room for natural light to filter through. Consider adding electric lighting as well—it makes evenings feel even more magical in the garden. You could even add built-in fireplaces if your garden structure allows. 

Add a Shade Sail For Year-Round Entertaining

Shade sails are easy to install and provide an inexpensive way to make your deck more appealing. While they might look like they’re made of traditional canvas, shade sails are actually constructed of tough nylon with UV protection that lets light through but keeps rain out. 

They’re available in hundreds of different designs, so you can choose one that coordinates with your home’s exterior color scheme. Best of all, most homeowners report spending less than $200 on materials and a day or two on installation—and some people say they did it themselves in just a few hours.

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