How to Easily Undelete Tables in MS SQL Server

While working on a SQL Server database, it is quite common to accidentally delete tables or data records. In this article, we look at using the advanced DataNumen SQL Recovery application to get back the deleted tables in quick time.

The off repeated saying “to err is human” is a testament to the propensity of human beings at making mistakes. Mistakes are also common in the computing world and it’s hardly a surprise to find ourselves in a situation where we have deleted something we should have not have done so. Now while working on a SQL Server database you may have accidentally deleted a table or index and would want to get it back. As opposed to some other software like say the Windows OS, the SQL Server application does not offer you a Recycle Bin from where you can just click and restore your tables. To get back the deleted tables you would need to run a specialized software that can scan through the SQL data files and recover the deleted contents.

Run the DataNumen SQL Recovery Application to Get Back Accidentally Deleted Tables

Irrespective of whether you accidentally deleted a table or record in a SQL database or another admin user ended up inadvertently removing it, performing a recovery is the best way ahead for recovering the deleted data. Just get hold of the DataNumen SQL Recovery tool and select the specific MDF file which you wish to scan for the deleted data element. You may consider setting the output path and even the filename as per your choice. Next hit the Start Recovery button and you would be prompted for relevant credentials for signing into the SQL studio Server instance. After the credentials are validated the tool will complete the recovery process and store the recovered contents in the output file. When you use the SSMS to open the output file you are typically expected to find the deleted contents. In rare instances, the order of the recovered tables may be interchanged and you may need to run SQL queries to find the deleted tables in the recovered data.  Also, there may be instances where the application is able to recover the deleted tables but their names may not be retrieved. In such cases, you are likely to find the missing tables named in the format of Recovered_Table1, Table 2, and so forth.

Keep DataNumen SQL Recovery Utility Handy for Dealing with Incidents of Data Corruption in SQL Databases

If you are running the SQL Server database in any mid to small size business, investing in the DataNumen SQL Recovery application is an apt choice. This versatile application can deal with the most severe incidents of SQL corruption and bring back all data elements, like scalar functions or even inline table functions, present in a compromised MDF file without fail. The application boasts of a class-leading recovery rate during standard tests and is exceptionally good at dealing with large corrupted MDF files, even up to the size of 16TB. It also is not hindered by the location of the MDF file and offers support for extraction from different media types. In case the server hosting the SQL Server instance gets crashed and you have multiple MDF files to recover, this powerful utility can immediately perform a batch recovery and recover the contents in one go.

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