How to get Instagram Account Statistics and Track the Increase of visits

Keeping track of follower growth and activity stream is a very important part of effective Instagram account marketing. Having the figures at hand and analyzing the information helps to continuously improve Instagram’s growth strategy and, therefore, increase the chances of successfully attracting new audiences.

Instagram announced a while ago that it would introduce a feature that would allow users to keep track of how much time they spend on the app. That feature, called Activity, is now available to iOS and Android users. Make sure you are running the latest version of the app and you will be able to see your Instagram activity and limit the amount of time you spend on it. That is how.

When you tap on Your Activity, it will show you how much time, on average, you spend on Instagram. Each bar corresponds to the time spent on a particular day. Tapping and holding a bar will show you how much time you spent on Instagram that day.

To limit the amount of time you spend on Instagram, tap the ‘Set daily reminder’ option below the activity graph. Select how long you want to use Instagram and tap Set reminder. You can also manage your notification settings from this same screen, although it does not offer any new settings. They are the same as the application had before the activity controls were added.

When the allotted activity time runs out, that is, if you have used Instagram for longer than the set in the Daily Reminder, you will see an alert on the screen telling you how much time you have spent. You can discard it and continue using Instagram if you want. It will not force you to exit the application. You can also edit the alert reminder time if necessary.

Social media can be time-consuming and people are realizing that spending too much time on any type of social media platform is bad for you. It is not just because you are constantly staring at a screen, but also because it can have an impact on your mental health. iOS 12 has a feature called Screen Time that allows you to limit the time you use the social media apps on your phone. However, consuming too many social networks is not a platform specific problem. Everyone, regardless of whether they use an iPhone or an Android phone, should keep track of their social media consumption, so it makes sense for apps to have the feature built in rather than relying on the operating system to add it.

Today we are going to explain how to look at your activity on Instagram to know the time you spend in the application. It is a function that was announced a few months ago, and that little by little has begun to reach users. It is initially available on iOS, but it is to be expected that in a few days it will also start to be seen on Android.

The objective of this option is to inform you of the time you spend looking at Instagram. In this way, you can have an average of the time you spend per day, and you can make informed decisions with which to try to reduce it. To do this, you can configure reminders and your notifications from the activity option itself.

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