How To Get Rid of Sebum Plugs On Scalp?

Sebum plugs on the scalp that are inside hair follicles or clogging them or inside of skin pores are more than just plugs that close up the follicle. They prevent the oxygen and eternal nutrients from entering and they also keep the environment moist inside the follicle which is the perfect breeding ground for bacteria and fungus. The result is that there is often bad inflammation inside the pores or follicles and this pinches down or closes them.

This clamp or pinching off of to the hair and prevents proper growth. However, that is just the beginning. Redness, itching and with the growth of the bacteria, fungus and yeast other symptoms of dandruff, eczema, psoriasis type scaling and similar can all occur. This tends to build upon itself in a negative way as more pores are closed the sebum glands try to produce more scalp oils to push out the mites or bacteria or fungus from inside the follicle.

To get rid of these hardened sebum on scalp or plugs anywhere on the face, scalp or skin you must use shampoos that will break down the crusty, hard sebum build up but also the white and waxy scalp gunk that can be found in the hair and on the head. This white waxy buildup is usually the mix of sebum and also either yeast or fungus. Clarifying shampoos are not enough. Some of the plugs can be hard and sticky like hard candy.

Mineral Scalp Scrubs that use the salt crystals with soft manual abrasion do a good job with the surface of the plug that is at the scalp level. However, very specific herbal combinations is what works best of the bottom part of the follicle. Together there will cleanse away the congestion both on top of and inside that will allow the shampoo or cleanser to irrigate away the remaining part of the build up. It is similar to unclogging a drain and then when you run a little water the rest of the drain will unclog.

Scalp Infection, Acne, Folliculitis, Inflammation, Bumps, Rashes All Benefit From Opening Scalp Follicles

The scrubs and specialty herbal remedies will also get rid of the sebum beads on the scalp, white or yellow crusty build up on scalp, gunk or junk and more. Opening the follicles also means that head acne and scalp zits are kept at bay. Amazing for hair follicle infection or scalp folliculitis. The mineral scalp scrub is one of the best products that you can use for folliculitis. This works for the face, back of the arms etc as well.  A stand out ingredient to prevent the scalp oils from ever becoming hardened is zinc and then herbs like sage, thyme, fenugreek and burdock. All of these are found in the Zincplex line of specialty hair products that focus on cleansing the hair from root to tip and this includes inside the pore or follicles of both women and men.

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