How To Manage Multiple Amazon Seller Accounts?

As the world is advancing, virtual technology is gradually taking over our lives. Since the last decade, we have seen a major technological transformation. From earning money to the craving to spend, everything can be done online through a small screen.

Therefore, Amazon, which emerged as a bookstore, also jumped into this marathon of modernization and turned itself into the world’s largest and most convenient online marketplace. Now, books are not the only thing you will find on this platform but you will see a vast variety of every product you need in your life.

Additionally, Amazon provides sellers an open hand to use as many accounts as they want. Likewise, Amazon also gives its sellers an opportunity to invest in whatever they are interested to sell. As a seller, you can start selling by just creating an account and listing your inventory on the site.

No matter, whether you are a newbie or already have experience in managing an Amazon account manager, you can always experiment with creating another account. Therefore, if you are also on the verge of testing your skills and want to start your business by utilizing multiple seller accounts. Then this article will cover all meaningful details from creating your seller account to managing multiple seller accounts.

How to Create Amazon Seller Account(s)?

Here is the simple and fastest way to create your first Amazon Seller Account. But before opening your account, you have to figure out your business type and set your precise goals. Firstly, you have to look for some products that you can afford to sell as a beginner which also aligns with the demand of the current market. So when you have chosen your products and found a supplier to provide you with them. Then you have to select your business model such as private sellers, wholesale marketers, dropshipping or handmade. After that, you can search for a trusted shipping service that can deliver your products briskly and safely. Do not worry if you have not found one because Amazon is providing you with a Fulfilling By Amazon service. This service will surely free up your time and take complete care of your orders.

So now when your biggest queries are solved, let’s dive into creating an Amazon Seller Account

First of all, you are supposed to pick your smartphones or turn on your computers. Then open Amazon’s Official Website and scroll down to the section “Become a Seller”

Create Seller Account

There you will see a box named “Make Money” and from there you have to click on “see pricing bottom”. This will take you to a page where you have to decide whether you want to be a Professional seller or just an Individual seller (pro tip: do not pick a Professional Seller Account if you are going to sell less than 50 products on your account). Then on the next page “Get started selling on Amazon”, you are asked to provide your current email and password to open a new account and then click next (If you do not have a normal Amazon account then go and create one first). On the next page, you have to enter the OTP which is sent by Amazon to your given Email

Provide Information

Then you have to write your username, business type, and business location on the other page. By continuing further you will be required to state your personal information. Moving forward, you have to select your target marketplace along with your billing information. On clicking next, you will be directed to page “store”. Where you have to list all the essential information about your products as well as your store. At last on clicking confirm, your verification request will be sent to Amazon. After the confirmation from Amazon, you will become an Official Amazon Seller and will be eligible to list your inventory on your personal store

However, to create another account, you just have to log out of your Amazon Seller Central Account and use a different Email to create the new account.

But here we are going to aware you of the errors you need to avoid to be a successful multiple account holder

Tips to Manage Multiple Accounts

Managing an Amazon account is not children’s play. So obviously, if you are planning to run multiple accounts then it is not going to be easy for you. But, as you know nothing is impossible in this world and everybody has the ability to reach their goals with determination and hard work.

Firstly, if you are going to sell the same products in different stores it will not be a time-saving step for your business. Even now, you have to pay attention to every product separately such as

  • Write compelling yet interactive titles for the same products by playing with characters.
  • Using some different yet original images.
  • Spending an extra bunch of cash on writers and editors to write multiple unique and catchy descriptions and images respectively.
  • Creating and optimizing your product list/ inventory in a distinctive manner
  • Replying with the same thing on different accounts
  • Daily checking your stores’ health along with also keeping an eagle-eye on the notification and warnings

So it will be much better for you to find a different category or niche of products to sell on multiple accounts. In every store, try to list the products of a single niche. Other than being easier for you to manage your accounts, it will also allow you to estimate the number of accounts you need to make/can handle. Moreover, this can help you generate profit from every kind of targeted audience. It will also give you an opportunity to select the type of store which is most suitable and profitable for you to continue further.

Next, if you are not a good multitasker or struggling just struggling to manage too many different tasks at once. Then you are strongly suggested to look for some affordable yet reliable  Amazon account management services. Managers are professional experts and they have a better know-how of managing and selling your products. You just have to transfer your manager a portion of the total profit he makes by managing and advertising your products. So giving a slice of the fruit they have grown themselves is never dancing on your grave.

Not just an Amazon account management service, but you can also avail of other services provided by Amazon to stabilize your business as well as your schedule. The services are basically introduced to facilitate the sellers and help them boost their store overnight. As we all are in search of shortcuts, so if the platform itself is offering you numerous ones then better not miss it. Furthermore, this will certainly cut your workload in half and you do not have to worry about the progress of every account individually.

Moreover, if you are finding it difficult to add and manage each and every product individually and it is taking too much of your time then you can just upload all your products in the form of bulk on each of your accounts. It will give you a facility to do uploading, restoring, and fulfillment with just a single click.

Things to Avoid While Managing Multiple Seller Accounts

Avoid using Similar Products on Different Accounts

First and the most important thing, you have to avoid displaying similar products on different accounts. It makes the Amazon management treat you like a spammer who is copying the products of different brands to attract more buyers. It may result in banning or limiting your other accounts except for the original one.

Comply with Amazon Terms & Policies

Moreover, you do not have to be a lazy bun and underestimate the policies of Amazon. Amazon keeps an eye on every single move made by an active seller. And if you are not going to follow even one condition or policy then your store can be removed from the website.

You are forbidden to copy any of the product’s details and paste them into your store, even if it is your own.

Follow the Steps

Furthermore, you can not neglect any step in creating your seller accounts, listing products, filling any form, and in any other process. Because Amazon SEO is smart enough to notice all the potholes and rank your account accordingly. So if your numerous accounts are not getting any traffic then it is worse than owning a single account.

Avoid Crowded Inventories

If you are creating a number of accounts on your own then do not make your inventories too crowded, not even one of these. Because it will literally trick you into more tension. You would have to manage various types of products in each account. Moreover, it can also cause too much confusion for you and also for the customers. Plus, it will not let you give equal attention to every account specifically.

Traits of a Successful Seller

You can not just start a specific business by just hearing about the other person’s success in this field. However, you need to have a piece of complete knowledge and some major characteristics required to do so. You can only be able to handle multiple seller accounts if you can manage a single account in a proper manner with great efficiency. So here is a list of things you have to consider in yourself before taking a crucial step. So here are some of the traits of a Successful Seller who can manage accounts single-handedly.

  • He is an active and more responsive person. As managing numerous accounts takes too much effort, he can not risk his business for an extra hour of rest. He should be punctual or even advance of his time to do complete work
  • He is comparably keener to learn new things and also implements his learning. He has the ability to utilize his past mistakes as a ladder to a better future. Not only learning from the losses, but he should also try to improve himself every day by spotting the inaccuracies in his own work and replacing it with better ones.
  • Plus, he has a firm grip over his competitor. He should be an analyzer who can understand movement around him and make use of it to make himself and his work better. Moreover, an analyzer has absolute command over what is required for his business, he does not spend his time experimenting with new and useless things
  • He is a good communicator and negotiator. He owns a strategic mind which only focuses on winning the argument. While completely understanding the position and point of his customers, he manipulates the users such that they are forced to do what he urges.
  • He should also be a good listener, who can solve the queries of the customers by respectfully grasping their issues. He is tolerant of constructive criticism and reviews and tries his best to make the products and services up to the mark.

Bottom Line

In the end, I hope by following all these steps and information provided in the article, you would be able to create and manage multiple seller accounts at once. However, one thing you need to remember is that you are never going to be successful in building a greater business if your primary goal is to earn, earn, earn. But your aim should be to learn more things and to boost your skills. The success of your business does not depend on how big your company is but it depends on the contentment of your customers.

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