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How to Maximize Your Personal Injury Settlement

Personal injury lawsuits make up a large number of civil trials in the USA. How many?

Of 26,948 civil trials in 2005 (the latest year of the survey) 60.8% of the trials were tort or personal injury claims! That’s 16,397 personal injury trials and only 4% of the total estimated claims.

Potentially, 393,528 cases a year never make it to trial but settle out of court. Are you looking to start a personal injury claim but would rather not deal with the trial? Personal injury settlement is possible, and we’ll tell you how.

Keep reading to find out your path to success in the settlement process.

What to Do to Win Your Personal Injury Claim

We know it isn’t always easy to follow these rules when you’re in pain or distress, but it’s of utmost importance to cover yourself in precisely those times.

The top tips for how to maximize a settlement goes like this:

  • Call 911 and get an ambulance
  • Get a police report
  • Document everything about the accident
  • Make a good first impression and maintain it
  • Get an (experienced) personal injury attorney
  • Don’t talk to your insurance company without your attorney present

Calling and getting an ambulance might seem like a little much. It’s worth it in the long run with a paper trail showing you did everything you could to prevent long-term injury.

Make sure to request police to come to the scene to do their own documentation and police report. They can also divert traffic resulting from car accidents.

Make sure to document everything you can — legally — obtain. Get a good attorney as soon as possible and don’t talk to anyone unnecessarily or off-the-cuff. Think about every word and every action you make.

Make a good first impression on first responders that come, as well as the insurance company, doctors, nurses, judges, and any clerks. Having character references in trials and settlements with testimonies and more is always a good idea.

Speaking of a good first impression, you need to maintain that viewpoint. More on that now.

How to Look Reputable and Stay That Way

It’s important to remember that everyone is watching. The defendant, your insurance company, your opponent’s lawyers, the judge, doctors, nurses, and employers. Everyone has vested interests in how you conduct yourself from this point onward.

That means you need to:

  • Get medical treatment immediately
  • Continue treatment to the end
  • Don’t rely on pain management medication alone
  • Try to keep working
  • Don’t try to hide previous injuries and accidents
  • Keep your hands off of your social media

Some things, such as cutting back on pain medication and continuing to work, can be hard or impossible. As far as managing income when you’re out of work, this post on lawsuit cash advances can help keep you financially afloat.

It’s of great importance to have a good reputation during the course of the tort. That means being tight-lipped but honest and doing your part to mitigate pain and injury to your best ability.

Getting the Most Out of Your Personal Injury Settlement

Personal injury claims are never fun. You’re hurt, you might not be able to work, and you want compensation.

Hopefully, you’re able to be successful in your personal injury settlement using our tips. Tech Daily Times isn’t just about technology, but the best news you can use in lifestyle, travel, auto, and more.

Keep browsing to see how else to maximize your day!

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