How to play Pokemon games on PC

Did you know that there are many ways to play Pokémon games on PC? Whether you want the classic red or something completely different from the Pokemon trading card game, you can play online.

Learn how to play Pokemon games. On PC, you need to be familiar with DS and Gameboy’s emulator knowledge.

How to install an emulator for Pokemon

If you want to play the official Pokemon game, you can take two methods. You can use the Nintendo DS emulator to play games from 2006 to 2017, or you can use the Gameboy emulator to play games before 2006. You can download these emulators from downloadroms.

How to play Gameboy Pokemon games on PC

There are two components to play Gameboy Pokemon games on PC. The first part is the emulator software that can imitate the Gameboy operating system and software.

The second part is the Pokemon game to be played on the emulator. First, you can start by downloading a good simulator. We recommend using VBA-M -it is open source and updated most frequently.

After downloading VBA-M, unzip the downloaded .zip file to a location you will remember. After that, double-click to run visualboyadvance-m.exe.

Your emulator can now play Pokemon. However, now you need to find the correct ROM online. The ROM is essentially a virtual version of the game and needs to be loaded into the emulator.

If you are curious about the legality of downloading the emulator and Nintendo’s position, please read it on its website. You can find various ROMS for Pokemon and other Nintendo games on emulator games.

Click the game you want to play, and then click Save Game. The ROM will be downloaded to your PC as a .zip file. Do not extract .zip files.f

The way to save games on the emulator is slightly different. Saving the game using the built-in saving system will not work. Instead, you need to click File> Save State and select an empty slot.

When playing in the future, you can use File>Load Status to load the game from the exact location where you last saved the game.

Guide: How to play Nintendo DS Pokemon games on PC

Playing the Nintendo DS Pokemon game on PC is done through the same steps as above. However, you will need a Nintendo DS emulator. We recommend using Delete, it is easy to update and support the Nintendo DS emulator.

After downloading the simulator, open DeSmuME. exe file. The exact file name will depend on the version you download. Next, visit the emulator game again and find the DS Pokemon game to download.

After clicking the Pokemon game, click the save game button and wait for the download.

To save progress while playing, you must click File>Save State and click on an available slot. In the future, use File>Load Status to open the previously saved game.

       How to play Pokemon games without an emulator

If you wish to play Pokemon games on a PC that does not require an emulator, you will be happy to hear that there are many options available. Some are official releases of Nintendo, and some are third-party games.

Pokemon Trading Card Game –Official

If you like physical games, Pokemon trading card games, you will also like the online version. In fact, every time you purchase an actual Pokemon trading card package, you will get a code card, which can also be used to open the package online.

The Pokemon trading card game has the function of fighting online with strangers, friends and AI, and often releases new game pack collections to keep the gameplay and meta interesting.

PokeMMO -unofficial

PokeMMO is an unofficial Pokemon multiplayer game made by fans and is free to play. You can meet other friends in the world and make progress through missions, catch Pokemon and defeat the fitness leader together. You can also trade Pokemon and fight with others.

PokeMMO combines four different areas and brings all the Pokemon in these areas here, and uses graphics similar to Pokemon Black and White styles.

Pokemon-Planet -unofficial

Pokemon-Planet is another unofficial Pokémon Pokemon game that can be played online. It has a fan world bigger than any other Pokemon game. Includes hundreds of Pokémon from different regions, and you can capture, train and evolve them just like in the official game. You can form a team in Pokemon-Planet and form a tribe of Pokemon trainers, and then fight side by side with others online.

Emulator game –unofficial

We recommend that the website used to download the “Pokemon” simulator can also be used to play the simulator directly in the browser.

The game will load in a small window, and then you can play the game freely. To save progress, you must click the download status button. Ensure the safety of saved files. In the future, you will need to open the simulator online again, then click Upload Status and choose to save the file.


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