How to Prepare Wood for Staining: The Ultimate Guide

To protect the surface of the materials, you need to know the option of how to stain wood. This option adds a more vibrant color, which will increase your home’s décor. Before applying the stain, you should prepare the exact wood properly.

Otherwise, the colour will not absorb at all. Collect all the right tools, and then you can fix the wood if there is any defective. In the harsh condition it right so that your wood is ready for the stain. Mainly you need to know how to prepare wood for staining.

Fixing the Wood’s Surface

  • 1st you should check the woods adequately if there are any defects or not. If there is any holes, splits, crevices or any defects, then it will be challenging to do a smooth stain finishing on the wood. Those holes are needed to be filled very well. Some woods like mahogany or oak is structured with open grain and which should be susceptible especially.
  • Get removed all the nails which you will find below the surface of the wood. If there is any nails are sticking there then remove it immediately otherwise you will not have smooth finishing. Take a hammer and remove the nails from your specific wood.
  • After removing or tapping the nails, to the openings,the part does apply grain filler. You can get this grain filler from any hardware store. With a knife, you can apply it on the filler by pressing it. Then fill up the edge of the filling if there is any excessive filler. Well, grain filler is available in different colours. So you have to match the colour with the grain before purchasing it. You also can add some sawdust with the grain filler so that they match the colour.
  • After doing the filler let dry the grain filler then you have to sand it with 200 – grit sandpaper.If it is necessary, then let it to dry for several hours or overnight. After drying it use sandpaper which is 200 – grit. It will sand down the excessive filler, and the surface of the wood will be smooth and even.

Do sanding for a smooth finishing

  • It is always necessary to sand the wood with the grain, which is 100 – grit paper. How will you use the sand on the wood? On the straight line, back and forth, you will have to sand on the wood and do this until you don’t reach the surface of the wood. And do repeat this task every site of the wood.  For this, you will need to use the gritted sandpaper as there are rough edges which should be removed. Please avoid the belt sander this product will damage the wood and also you have to use your hand to use it which is more complicated.
  • After using the sandpaper, wipe down carefully the wood between your sanding. If necessary, use a vacuum to wipe down, or you use a cotton cloth which is safe for the wood. Wiping down is very important in this sanding process as there will be a lot of sawdust. This sawdust will make rough the surface of the wood, and that’s why this is important.
  • If there is any mark which was left behind because of the sanding process, then 150 and 200 grit sandpaper should be used. After doing so, remember that the sawdust should be wiped down between the sanding. It will ensure that you arenow prepared for the staining wood.
  • Now we the wood and do sand it one more with 200 – grit sandpaper. Now you may want to know why you will wet the wood!!! Well, this is necessary because this will raise some fibres on the surface of the wood. For this, you can use a wet towel. When the wood driesadequately, then you can sand it again with 200 – grit sandpaper. Then now with a dry towel wipe down the whole wood with mineral spirit for removing the sawdust.

Conditioning the Wood

  • For opening the pores, it would be better to apply conditioner to the woods. It is necessary to open the pore of the wood before staining for an even stain. By using paintbrushes, apply the layer of the conditioner on every part on the surface of the wood. Just do a thin layer of conditioner. You will get the wood conditioner to the nearest of your hardware stores.
  • After applying the conditioner,please wait for a few minutes so that it can sit appropriately on the wood’s surface. After 15 or some minutes, your wood is ready for staining but don’t wait more than two hours. If you do so, then pores will not be opened for any longer.


After finishing these process now your wood is prepared for the stain. By using a paintbrush, you can apply to attain on the surface of the wood. You can wipe down the staining which is assembling on the wood. We hope that you have understood how to prepare wood for staining.


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