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Google SEO is a key lever for your company’s website! SEO on Google allows you to gain visibility, traffic and web business, but the competition is often fierce. It is important to understand all the subtleties to optimize the natural referencing of your company and reach the first page of Google. Functioning of the Google algorithm, the importance of keywords, technical aspects, and editorial optimizations, SEO tools, the interest of the SEO audit.1st Position, an SEO agency for companies since 1999, helps you understand the issues 


You don’t know how to appear on Google or reach the first page of Google? The leading search engine on the market and all of its competitors (Yahoo, Bing, Want, etc.) analyze websites using indexing robots that scan the content of each page. They will then use a number of algorithms and filters (Google Panda, Google Penguin, Rank Brain, etc.) to assess the relevance of your website or web page based on user queries.

Google and other search engines establish rules of good conduct that website administrators must respect to position themselves on the first page of Google. The content of your site is often the determining factor, be sure to know the “Guidelines”, instructions relating to content dictated by Google.


Natural referencing on Google necessarily involves making your site accessible by Google. Indexing robots must be able to browse your website without restriction, without problems (beware of 404 errors!) and in the best possible conditions (internal mesh and external links, good site loading speed, etc.). If crawlers are becoming more sophisticated and intelligent, they should be helped to understand the content of a page with rich textual content and the use of textual alternatives for images and videos.


Money is the sinews of war! Web referencing is no exception to the rule. It is necessary to allocate resources in order to optimize a website. But then, what is the cost of Google SEO services? What are the prices for a Google SEO service?


Indexing your company’s web pages, positioning them in the first results and getting more traffic for free, is possible thanks to Google referencing and more precisely to natural referencing. Few Search Marketing professionals prefer to call it free referencing as opposed to paid referencing (SEA – Google Ads, formerly Google AdWords). Logic, as SEO requires significant resources.

Optimizing the SEO of a website involves technical optimizations, the implementation of a content strategy and editorial creation optimized for the web, the use of SEO tools and often the intervention of an SEO expert. or an SEO agency. Thus, one can conclude that free SEO is just a misnomer.


What is the price of a natural referencing service for a company? What are the costs related to natural referencing? SEO is a growth lever that must be integrated into a ROI set (return on investment) approach. Obviously, it is advisable to find out what natural referencing costs and what it can bring you.

While some service providers such as an SEO freelancer or a simple SEO tool provider offer offers starting at around €200 per month, these services are “packaged”. However, everyone will understand that any SEO strategy must be personalized to take into account:

  • The strengths and weaknesses of your company’s website
  • Relevant keywords for your company’s industry
  • Opportunities to get backlinks – incoming links to your site (gain traffic and positions)
  • A strategic reflection on the positioning of your company
  • Your digital maturity

A tailor-made SEO service for your business will surely be more expensive, but it will certainly be much more relevant and offer better results. The price of natural referencing also depends on the content of the service. For a complete natural referencing solution, the budget of an SME is often between €10,000 and €20,000 per year, or between €800 and €1,600 per month. This budget can be higher depending on the objectives and the issues. SEO requires the intervention of several experts in different fields, so this can lead to additional costs compared to a simpler service.

Natural referencing is an investment that pays off in the long term if you trust the right agency. By integrating your objectives, your challenges and your budget, it will be possible to establish a personalized and effective SEO strategy. Thanks to regular reports and reviews, everyone can assess the profitability and return on investment of SEO. Compared to others, SEO is a lever that allows you to measure efforts and results in complete transparency.


First, because the natural referencing of your company’s website is an absolutely major issue and the approach must be up to it, you have to know how to understand everything. It is the most lasting and virtuous lever for obtaining business contacts and regularly boosting your sales. It is a decisive investment and an essential component of the digital strategy for all businesses today, large or small. Whether you are a VSE, a startup, an SME or a large account, SEO will always be beneficial and profitable for you in the long term.

As a Google SEO agency, we know from experience that an SEO service involves the participation of several professionals in a wide variety of fields, and the use of many tools whose licensing cost represents a significant investment. While a freelancer offers his services on many tasks, an SEO agency worthy of the name entrusts the Google SEO project to a multi-expertise team: SEO project manager for the very technical aspects of SEO, content manager for the writing of web content, community manager for optimization of social networks, graphic designer, web developer… The logic of an agency specializing in corporate referencing is to provide a complete service both strategically and operationally by explaining all optimization actions for total transparency.

In addition to being rich in the skills of its employees, an agency is often more experienced. The multitude of clients, sectors of activity and objectives to be achieved makes it possible to acquire invaluable experience. A freelancer or internalized resource will not have enough of a life to benefit from such an experience, even if the skill is there. Thanks to the 1 set Position agency, a natural referencing agency since 1999, you will benefit from a rare experience. In addition, the person in charge of your project is chosen in line with his strengths and your needs in natural referencing.


A good Google SEO requires know-how, the right tools and… patience. Any natural referencing strategy needs time to prove to be effective. Before achieving the first results, it is necessary to carry out an SEO audit of your company’s site in the rules of the art and to put in place the most effective SEO techniques: remove blocking factors, optimize the existing, create content, and get backlinks…

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