How to save floor heating fees in the Winter Season?

In the previous article, we introduced how to use Korean floor heating, so this issue will take the hot iron to talk about how to save heating. The heated concrete floor is installed to provide heat for homeowners throughout the cold weather. At the same time, it could also be burning our wallets. If you are not careful, around 100,000 to 150,000 won a month could go to floor heating fees alone.

Make use of the out-of-home mode

Korean floor heating has an out-of-home mode, which is a minimum heating mode to avoid the floor heating temperature being too low. When you go out in winter, you can turn on the out-of-home mode to keep the floor heating at a certain temperature. Because when the floor heating is activated, heating water is very energy-consuming. The greater the temperature difference, the more energy is consumed. Therefore, it consumes more when switched on and off daily. If you go out for less than one day, it is recommended to use the out-of-home mode for the heated floor thermostat, so that turning on the heating again after returning home can also reduce energy consumption. However, when the outdoor temperature is below 0 degrees, it is not recommended to turn off the heating directly, otherwise, it will easily cause the water pipe to rupture.

Also, if you are returning to your country during the winter vacation, you must contact the homeowner to negotiate before you leave, and ask the homeowner to help take care of the house and heating regulation to avoid the water pipe bursting when the temperature is too low and when no one is at home. During the negotiation process, you can leave evidence such as text messages or emails.

Regularly replace the heating water

Although floor heating is not a facility that often needs to be replaced or broken down, it is still recommended to check the floor heating status and replace the heating water on a regular basis, which will help maintain the heating function. It is recommended that the gas-type floor heating is generally replaced once every 2-3 years, and the heating money is used every year to clean the pipes and filters. It is best to replace the old filters to prevent problems in the future.

Layered clothing

In a billable floor heating system, it is recommended to wear socks, thick and warm clothing. This is the best way to keep warm in winter and reduce floor heating costs.

Use Foam paper adhesives for insulation

Maybe you have seen scenes like this in some Korean dramas and Korean dramas, or in real life. In winter, many Koreans will put a layer of foam paper on the glass windows, which helps to withstand the cold outside. Reduce the consumption of indoor heating, and if you store these foam papers well, they can be reused for the next winter season.

Seal the door and window cracks

You can buy a kind of weatherstrip tape in supermarkets and Daiso, and stick them on the seams of the doors and windows to reduce the air leakage through these cracks and slow down the heat dissipation in the house. However, the sizes of windows and doors are different, so you need to have these measurements when you buy them.

Room Temperature (실온) mode and Ondol/heating water(온돌) mode use

There are two commonly used temperature adjustment methods, one is room temperature(실온), and the other is Ondol(온돌), Ondol mode is also called the heating water(난방수) mode. If it is in room temperature adjustment mode, if the regulator is located in a place with frequent wind or high temperature, sometimes it will automatically heat when you don’t want to heat it, or the heating effect is not good when you want to heat it. At this time, it can be adjusted to heating water mode. The most effective way to save heating costs is to reduce heating time. The heating water mode is usually between 40-80 degrees.

Usually, it takes an hour to get to 60 degrees, and it only takes 30 minutes to add another 80 degrees. Then the heating time is shortened and heating costs can be saved. It can be adjusted to about 70 degrees. After the temperature rises, just lower the set temperature.

Reduce hot water temperature and usage

If the hot water temperature can be adjusted, it is better to set the hot water temperature lower. Because when hot water is produced, the heated water and cold water are mixed. If you set a higher hot water temperature, the same water temperature will consume more energy. Of course, the amount of hot water used is also related to the cost.

Keep the temperature between 18-20℃, ventilate at least twice a day

Although it is very comfortable in a warm room in winter, it is not recommended to set the temperature too high. It is not only a waste of money but also the temperature difference between indoor and outdoor is too far from each other. It is easy to catch a cold when entering and leaving, which is not good for your health. Even in the winter, don’t keep the windows closed, and try to ventilate your home more than twice a day. This little cold will bring fresh air indoors. Also, if you receive a bill and find that heating costs in winter are surprisingly high, first confirm the size of your room, how many degrees you usually open, and how long you open, and then compare and discuss it with friends on the Internet or around your area, and confirm that you made a mistake. For other reasons, If there is something unreasonable, explain to the homeowner immediately to check whether there is a problem with the equipment, etc. For common gas heaters, South Korea also uses electric floor heating.

South Korea’s electricity bills and electric heating are quite expensive. While viewing the apartment, you should pay attention to these details in advance, and confirm with the homeowner or landlord before signing a contract.

Payment of gas and electricity bills

Monthly bills will be sent to your home.

  • Confirm whether the address is correct (is it your own bill), amount, and payment deadline, (if it is marked as, for example, 2020.12.25, it must be paid before December 25, 2020)
  • Payment method: Bank transfer: go to a nearby bank, the bank teller will guide you to pay
  • Electronic bank transfer: There is an online bank account on the bill for payment, select a bank to do it, enter the amount you want to pay, and transfer; Go to the nearest convenience store to consult with the staff and make payment.

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