How to Start Your WordPress Site With the Help of Amazing Plugins

WordPress is the number one website building platform used by professionals and non-tech people. At first, it was a platform for blogs and simple business sites. Over the years, its functionality expanded, so almost half of the websites on the internet now are built on WordPress.

Its popularity is due to many amazing features. WordPress is a free, simple, and safe software for creating powerful websites that can be adjustable to user preferences. Furthermore, its functionality is extensible with thousands of themes and plugins that can distinguish your website, add more features and possibilities, and put it at a higher professional level.

Some plugins are a must-have for fast and easier website functioning.

1.WP Force SSL

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Security is the most important thing for any website, so this plugin is one of the first things to add to yours. WP Force SSL helps with installing and monitoring an SSL certificate. This certificate guarantees that all data is protected and nothing will be misused. Also, this plugin scans if any security error occurs. Furthermore, it checks if there is unsecured HTTP content. If so, the WP Force SSL plugin converts it to HTTPS.

2.WP 301 Redirects

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WP 301 Redirects is another must-have plugin for any website. It is a simple plugin that does a lot of work. Its features help you maintain traffic on the website and improve SEO. This plugin fixes often-occurring issues with dead or broken links. It easily scans your outgoing links, automatically solves errors, and redirects to wanted pages. Also, it offers fast support and detailed reports about the issues and website traffic.

3.WP Sticky

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Nowadays, we cannot imagine a website without always visible header on the top of the page. This plugin easily makes a header or any other element sticky on a WordPress website. It has unlimited sticky options, and any element can easily return to its previous state without harming a site. WP Sticky is compatible with any website, theme, and plugin. Also, it is responsive and works on all devices.

WordPress is widely used for eCommerce besides blogs, portfolios, or simple business websites. The most popular eCommerce platform is the WooCommerce WordPress plugin. It turns a simple WordPress site into an online store in a minute. WooCommerce is fully customizable, and its functionality can be extended and improved with amazing plugins.

4.WooCommerce Table Rate Shipping PRO

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This WooCommerce plugin helps with calculating shipping prices based on different rules. It creates shipping rules based on your goods, weight, item count, destination, or cart total. Also, you can create shipping methods and make different combinations. Finally, it allows you to decide what rule and method will be applied to logged-in users and which one will be applied to non-logged-in users.

5.WooCommerce Order Export PRO

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This plugin is the best WooCommerce plugin for exporting your WooCommerce data. It lets you create reports based on your preferred data columns and filters. You can schedule export reports and select multiple export destinations. Furthermore, you can make exports with only new orders saving time and resources. Also, you can import settings with rules for different WooCommerce stores.


WordPress lets you create any type of website. Thousands of amazing plugins extend its functionality and make WordPress sites more professional and unique. This list of amazing WordPress plugins can serve as a great start.

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