How To Take Your Offline Business Online In This Pandemic?


The covid pandemic has taken a toll on all of us. Many of us have been gravely injured by the devastating blow of the covid 19 pandemic. It has effects on both personal and financial levels. Many businesses have suffered losses, and many have shut down. 

So, the only way to sustain your business is to go online as soon as possible. If you don’t know yet, during the pandemic, the use of eCommerce platforms purchasing daily commodities has increased tremendously. Digital marketing, coupled with all of these businesses, made them a success.  

As an innovative and advanced business person, you need to take your offline business online as soon as possible. But how do you take your offline business online? If you don’t have a clear idea, the following article will help you. Here we have discussed how you can take your offline business online. 

Take Your Offline Business Online

With an online business, you can sell to customers who cannot come outside due to the covid lockdown. Also, the cashless payment system and delivery services that strictly maintain the covid protocols will ensure no further spread of the virus while also making your business run. 

When setting up an online business, you need to consider many things—setting up your business website, marketing, creating social media platforms for your business, and lots more.

Buy A Domain

You cannot do business online if you don’t have a business website. First, you need to buy a domain for your website and then choose a domain name. When setting up a business website, you need to be careful about the website’s design. This is because your website’s design plays a crucial role in determining the number of sales that you make. 

Set Up A Business Website

Your business website needs to contain all the business info your customers need to know. You can use an eCommerce platform to set up your online store. Some of the best eCommerce solutions are out there; these platforms are great for small businesses. BigCommerce, WIXCommerce, Shopify, Squarespace are great platforms for setting up your online store. 

What To Sell? 

Now that you have bought your domain and even created your website, what’s next? Well, have you decided yet what you are going to sell? If you are selling a service, you won’t have to spend a lot of money setting up an inventory. 

But if you are selling goods, then the expense of inventory will cost you some money. So when selling products, think about selling your most popular items that are low on weight. Also, considering the most items that your customers inquire about will help you discover new items to sell. 

Marketing Strategies

Your business won’t sell by itself if you have no marketing plan; your sales won’t increase. Therefore, you need to have proper marketing strategies. Digital marketing is the best marketing solution for your business. 

SEO strategies to rank your website in the SERP, running Facebook ads and Google ads, and doing social media campaigns are some of the digital marketing actions. If you are shifting your offline business to online, you need to also invest in marketing online. 

Legal Paperwork

Offline business or online, you need to have legal authorization for doing any business. As for online business, there is no dedicated license or permit. The same permit for offline business can be used in online business. However, if you want to do business from home, then you need a Home Occupation Permit. 

If you are doing online business under a different name, then you need to have a DBA or “Doing Business As” license. You are fulfilling all of your tax obligations even when you are doing an online business. 

Business Blog

Creating a blogging site for your business will benefit you a lot. As you take your business online from offline, you need to launch your blogging site. Besides all of your marketing efforts, if you keep your audience posted about your business, they will be eagerly waiting. 

You can share your journey as a new online business on your blogs. This way, you can create anticipation among the audience. Behind the scenes and business initiatives, you can fill your audience with all kinds of information. Also, you can add short stories about your business products and services on your blogs. Finally, you can start your blogging website using WordPress. It will only take a few minutes to get started.

Delivery & Payment 

Delivery partners are integral for running your online business. As a new eCommerce business, you need to select your delivery partner. Blue Dart, Delhivery, Ekart are some renowned delivery partners. 

Also, you need to offer your customers payment methods. Offering the most options will increase customer interest. UPI, credit/debit card, Cash on Delivery are some of the options you can consider. 

Make A Grand Launch

Make a launch event to let the local audience know that you are shifting your offline business online. Launch events are great for spreading words and attracting new and old customers to your business. In addition, you can offer special discounts or special product offers at the launch event. This is the best way to start your online business journey.

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When starting an online business, signing into Google my business will help you increase engagement on your website and offline stores. Get local influencers to market to promote your business. 

Make attractive social media posts, keep customers happy with supportive customer service. An online business can be both effective and flexible. With all of these steps helping you, you will be just fine shifting your business from online to offline. 

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