How to Wear a Blazer Jacket with Jeans

A styling question for which many guys are trying to find the answer is “how to wear a blazer with jeans?” This is pretty simple yet needs much effort to execute. There are a plethora of options in which men can wear their blazer with jeans. With the right strategy, you can effortlessly smarten for work to an evening party or a date. No matter whether you are dressing down or up, a blazer brings an elevated touch to the best wardrobe classic. If you go thirty years back, you will find that the double act of jeans and blazer was considered to be the peak of preppy style. But as it applies to many fashion statements, this became widely accepted and is considered to be a sharp style to wear two timeless articles together. Here are some hit ways to pair blazer and stylish jeans for men.

The golden rules of wearing a blazer with jeans

To pair the blazer and jeans you have to be familiar with some ground rules. The first thing that you have to remember is you can’t just wear a suit jacket with a plain white shirt and pair it with boot-cut dad-jeans. This is sure to shout boarding-school sixth-formers at a weekend party. The best thing to do is to avoid going for a blazer that is part of a suit. Choose something that has a similar formality and match it with the texture of the jeans and the layer under the jacket.

Feel free to experiment with a different style of blue because every pair of jeans need not be in the traditional sense of the classic 501 blue. You can try various shades such as blue, grey, and black. If you love making a fashion statement, you can try jeans that are shaped like trousers.

Next is, try to remember that you have to instill some contrast between the jeans and the blazer. When it comes to the choice of a blazer, there are tons of choices in various styles, ranges, and color out there, and when paired rightly, it will look brilliant.

The suave traveler

The sports jacket is the perfect companion when you are a traveler. A plain black tee, luxury sneakers, and a grey, tweedy sports jacket will offer you a sharp and monochrome look. You can leave the tee untucked even if you are wearing the jacket. In this look let the jean be in the same shade as the color of the base layer. For instance, if you are going for a white tee, then the jean is of light shade such as light blue and the same applies to dark shade t-shirts or shirts. The blazer can be two tones different from the total color palette. For the dark palette, keep the jean super-dark to give it a chino look.

The heritage gentleman

If you want that stylish businessman to look spreading a vibrant feeling, pair a preppy jacket in a Smokey brown and throw it over an olive cashmere cardigan and paisley long tie. A pair of raw denim will emphasize the clean lines with the slim cut that is tapered with a tan belt. A denim shirt will complement the neutral palette and elevate the naturalness of the fabric. If you want to sport a modern professor look, a herringbone jacket in the black-and-white weave which is in navy corduroy will ramp up the whole look. You can pair him with a silk tie to be wildly sophisticated.

Look sharp in summer

This is a casual summer look that can never fail you. You can start with a tweed sports jacket, a formal shirt, and tailored denim jeans in dark blue. Make sure that the jacket top button is done to ensure the feel of a suit. To make the ensemble fancier you can add some formality to the tailoring with a pocket square and chocolate monk shoes. When the heat goes up, you can try a light cotton sports jacket. A light blue button shirt can also be added as the bottom layer which will work well with a grainy brown suit and natural washed denim jeans. You can complement the indigo hue with a navy pocket square and metallic silver aviators.

Casual Friday outfit

A casual office environment is where the jean and jacket look gets heated up. You can try a summer look with light-ish jeans and loafers with a business blue shirt under a sports jacket in navy cotton and tastefully pair it with a long tie in sans weave. For the winter, you can play casually with a grey flannel jacket and mid-blue jeans. Keep the shirt quasi corporate with a cutaway collar. If you are heading for a date or weekend get together with studious, striped socks, brown leather shoes, and spotted pocket square. With this outfit, you can show your friends that your fashion sense is inspired by some fashion trend setters.

Pick the correct jeans

Slim-cut jeans are the in thing for men. It is not too skinny and not too wide and has become a man’s best friend for the perfect jean outfit. When you are purchasing a pair of jeans, choose something with mid to dark denim with a slim fit silhouette or in the shape of a pair of trousers. If you don’t want to go the designer route, you can choose a cheaper jean but make sure that it is perfect and is of high quality. Stay away from heavily distressed denim or washed out or faded jeans. Say a big no to baggy and boot cut jeans. Light denim will work for summers and spring but if you want to be safe go with dark blues. However, you can experiment with various shades of jeans. When it comes to picking a jacket, the sports jacket has more of a soft-shouldered fit compared to a suit jacket or conventional blazer. Some sports jackets might have elbow patches for functional purposes.

Bottom line

You can be the smartest dressed guy in the room when the right jean and jacket is matched. If you like playing it safe, get the best men’s blue jeans and spice up your ensemble.

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