How You Can Utilize Salesforce For Your Nonprofit CRM

Salesforce originated as open-source customer relationship management software that was intended for use by for-profit organizations. The first version of the Nonprofit Success Pack dropped back in 2005. Today, the latest version of salesforce nonprofit software benefits from over 15 years of development at nonprofit organizations.  The systems currently in use at a charity or not-for-profit group will determine the most cost-effective and timely approach to nonprofit data integration.

Scrub and Merge Data From Your Future Donors

Integrating data from a customer database or another donor relationship management platform into Salesforce can pose a challenge. The ability to reliably import and export donor records is the most important part of the implementation process for new fundraising software at an organization.

Moving data is also an opportunity to improve the accuracy, quality and usefulness of records by scrubbing and merging data from past and prospective donors on a contact last. Salesforce has some of the most effective tools for keeping track of and updating records of donor engagement as needed.

Deriving the most benefit from this feature requires an organization to make use of the best integration software for nonprofits. Accurate information transfer with the option to automate scrub and merge functions has the potential to save stakeholders a great deal of effort and time. Organization leaders, staff and volunteers can all appreciate the ready availability of accurate records without the tedious task of transferring data manually.

Look for integration support in any area that is necessary to make the most of a Salesforce installation. For data entry and transfer, tools that quickly and reliably import or export donor records are essential to make the most of any management platform. Any roll out can be expedited with utilities to improve information quality and make it easier to connect data to relevant tools.

Score and Segment Data Constituent Data

Customer relationship management software and purpose-built programs for nonprofits all have built-in tools for scoring and segmenting user data. The Salesforce Nonprofit Success Pack stands out from other donor relationship management platforms for its ability to track and deliver clear insights regarding accounts, contacts and giving opportunities.

In order to make the most of data, it is important that every entry be as accurate and standardized as possible. Integration tools may be less flashy than the primary programs an organization relies on to manage donors, but the frustration and time that these solutions can save and the increase in fundraising prospects that good data make possible are all well worth the initial investment during implementation.

Salesforce offers nonprofits several tools honed in the for-profit world of customer relationship management. Integration tools that improve the quality of donor data are helpful for making the most of this platform’s capabilities for scoring and segmenting contact and donor lists for more effective fundraising campaigns. While Blackbaud software and other platforms designed for use in charitable and nonprofit organizations may be able to perform similar functions, many organizations find Salesforce to be more affordable in terms of licensing and useful for managing relationships with donors and volunteers.

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