Illegal Brokerage: Does it Still Exist?

What could be easier than ordering freight forwarding services? It’s enough to google “the best freight shipping companies near me”, pick up the most appropriate variant, pay for the work, and wait until the cargo is delivered. And here the problems may come. If you are unlucky and hire an illegal broker, you risk losing your products or experiencing significant financial problems.   

Unfortunately, modern business owners may face such an issue as illegal brokerage. It implies the use of the services of one logistics company that entrust the order to another company without informing the client. If you’ve got involved in such a cooperation, there are two possible ways out you are to explore. They are the following:

You get your cargo on time.

The main aim of such illegal firms is to grab profit. The workers do not want to experience various difficulties with legal institutions. They are to deliver your cargo to the final destination. It’s good if all the items are in order.  

You do not get your freight on time.

It is the worst possible variant while it becomes a real challenge to figure out where your goods and products are.

One of the most striking things about a double brokerage is that there are no clear legislation solutions for the problem. Every single case is reviewed separately. It’s necessary to distinguish co-brokering from illegal deals. The first case implies that there are two experts fulfilling one order. They divide functions and duties.      

At the same time, it should be noticed that there are some entrepreneurs who are not against the use of double brokerage freight shipping companies. Most of all they appreciate cheap prices.  

Useful Tips on How to Avoid Illegal Brokers

Nobody wants to become a victim of scammers. the following information will help you to avoid illegal brokers and receive only top-quality freight forwarding services:

  • Know the legislation. 

Before you decide to send cargo, you are to get acquainted with all important laws and regulations. Moreover, nowadays the greater part of the information is available online.   

  • Cooperate only with verified partners. 

On the Net, there are lots of top lists of the companies. Versatile reviews encompass so many useful facts. 

  • Stay informed about the major alterations on the market.

You are to know about the major trends. It allows you to avoid cheating.   

  • Don’t be afraid of asking for help. 

If something goes wrong or if you do not like some aspects of the cooperation, it’s necessary to ask for help.  

  • Communication is a must.

You are to keep communicating with experts you hire. Moreover, there are so many convenient applications for these purposes.    

  • Total transparency is strongly desirable. 

If it seems to you that experts hide some information, it’s better to check whether you are wrong or not.   

If you are going to develop your business and gain as many new clients as possible, it’s up to you to find the best carrier or freight forwarder. It’s of prime importance to research all the information about the company you are interested in. You are to pay attention to reviews and ratings of the service. It’s cool if you are able to contact real customers of the services.

Moreover, in order to select the winning variant for your business, it’s necessary to consider the following aspects:

  • Mode of transportation.

One of the most popular options is intermodal transportation these days. It implies the combination of truck, rail, and air modes.   

  • Available options.

Some of the business owners are interested in full truckload transportation while others need LTL delivery. For some of the customers, it’s of prime importance to pack and label all the containers. You are to clarify what options you may order.    

  • Prices. 

Nobody wants to pay the whole fortune for freight delivery. 

  • Qualification of the experts.

Good drivers are a must if you want to avoid delays or car crashes. 

  • Deadlines. 

It’s clear that it’s necessary to place an order in advance. You should realize that forwarders require some time to be ready to deliver your shipment. 

So, the issue of illegal brokerage is a rather disputable one. There are both entrepreneurs who tend to save money and choose double brokers and those who are afraid of possible problems and prefer more expensive but more reliable firms.   

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