Importance Of Information Technology In Today World

Information technology (IT) plays a vital role in commerce and business

organizations to proficiently working in order to elevate the output. Advancement in Information
technology minimizes the required time for working in the business field. Electronic storage, protection of records, and faster communication are benefits of IT that can be utilized in our creativity. On one hand, IT needs the
demands of the nova competitive business environment and sound changes in computers nature on the
other. Information Technology systems meet with many competitive advanced devices which provides
valuable information to managers for making the necessary and crucial steps in respective of their
operational organization.

IT needs computer applications for conducting the work of every fiel

As computer systems are globally used, so it will be useful to link IT into different organizations. IT
keeps the important records of companies. To store the patient and customer files is important to keep the
veracity of business. Methodologies (programming/coding) processes, data conversion, data
communications retrieval and storage, design, and system analysis aided to collect present information. It is
also helpful in educational departments and professions. With the introduction of computers, the business
world was changed and by using computers and software, Businesses used the IT and various software
through a computer to run their working in a proper way. Companies keep the information stored by using the
virtual vaults (storage system) and allow certain users to change or add, access, or withdraw important documents. The world of business needs a strong communication system and IT gives the company
to communicate rapidly and effectively.

Internet and computers can be used to increase the quality of education both in an informal and formal way.
IT helps the students in the learning process effectively. It is used in pedagogical methods as it contributed to
improving school innovation, community services, and teaching practices. To general consideration, students
by using modern technology are effectively working on the learning process and consider their
responsibilities to a greater extent. As IT restricts the teacher working regarding coaching students and
advising and just focus on transmitting the knowledge and lectures. Information technology is completely
working in almost all fields such as learning, work, health, and leisure. IT is the best way to process the

information and students must need to access the computer and internet for increasing their skills. Schools
are a source of knowledge and information. So, from ministries to classrooms the use of IT is the best way in
educational institutes for enhancing and holding the proficiency skills to compete with modern technology
for both teachers and students. Information technology enhanced the learning process via computers and
assignments which becomes more meaningful and productive for teachers to get expected outcomes from
students. IT maintains the matters between users and producers students which boosts the efficiency and capacity of the teacher to rely exclusively on live communication contact between students and teachers via chalk
session, e-mail web-based learning such as an intranet, internet, TV audio-video tape, CD-ROM, and extranet.
Graphics, Animation, and PowerPoint are also helpful for learning content.

The complicated process can be explained well by computer. It is necessary for problem-solving, decision-making skills, and the teaching process. Besides, other learning processes such as Integrated design Modules, blogging, M-learning, e-learning, U-learning, Enhancement of Browsers, and Wikis are taken as initiated steps to improve the beast

learning way.In1960s, Informatics training programs and specialized university departments have started
in Germany, Belgium Netherlands, and France for the development of research, high-quality health informatics, and education. Within the advancement of IT, the research in the medical field is significantly increased as medical
students rapidly access computers and internet for retrieving the important information by using
personal digital assistants (PDA) and palmtops.

Reducing errors in the medical field is considered as first
priority globally. For hospitalized patients, the source of injuries is drug events. So, to stabilize patient
health different technological systems are used such as computerized physician order entry (CPOE).
Physicians used this system to write the record online and used it to check either the record entry is authentic
or not. This system is also used to check patient history and to know about their prescribed dose. Information
technology is widely used for strengthening and improving spontaneous and better practices in agriculture
such as to eliminate the agricultural hazardous and increase yield.

Satellites are directly connected with
agricultural remote sensing to know about Smog, Ozone layer Depletion, and Monsoon. Drone
technology is used in the agriculture field for land survey, using pesticides, mass data collection, using
fertilizers, seeds planting, and water irrigation.
So, from the above discussion, it is clearly seen that this 21st century cannot run without the use of computers and
the internet. Information Technology is being used in every field of life. No field is complete without the use of
IT. No source of information is considered valid without references and citations which is possible through
the internet. In business departments, in educational institutes, in agricultural fields, and in medical education
no productivity and outcomes can be attained without the use of the internet and technological system.


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