Important updates about Battlefield 2042 in 2021

Battlefield lovers have been patiently waiting for the latest updates about the game. Update 3 was released in 2021 explaining all the changes, upgrades, and fixes done to the game. Let us see what the developers had to say about the upcoming versions of the game.

Release Date

The release date of the latest update i.e. 3.1 for Battlefield 2042 was much awaited by fans. Although a concrete date wasn’t given. It was believed that the 3rd update is supposed to launch around Christmas time.

Bug Fixes

DICE has made sure to fix a lot of bugs that players previously complained about. Changes were made in the user interface and some clarity was offered on the information. In this new update you if you are down, you will actually be able to see if any player is close enough to revive you. Players within 50 meters would be visible. Also, if the reviver pings you on the way till they reach you that will also be notified. This will make revival predictable as the players will know when to expect to be revived instead of waiting in the dark.

HUD update

Another improvement is in the HUD of Battlefield 2042. Now you will be able to see a small icon over the head of friendly players to indicate if they need extra ammunition or healing. This way you will know if they need help even without them asking for it. This update has been made to improve the speed of the game and automate actions without the need of constant communication.

Attachment Menu Improvement

Also, now the attachment menus will be much simpler. The in-game Plus Menu along with others that are used to change the attachments during the game will be made more user-friendly after players left reviews saying it was too cumbersome to operate. The details aren’t clear but it is rumored that now there will be fewer buttons and easy controls on the menu to change attachments in-game. DICE intends the menus to function in a smooth manner.

Cross-platform invites

It will be easier to send out cross-platform invites now. The procedure for the same will be consistent as well. Transitioning from multiplayer to single player is also made smoother due to improvements in the user interface.

There are also several other minor bug fixes and improvements to ensure the smooth functioning of the game. So far there are rumored to be around 100 improvements, which is great, but some features that were constantly requested by players have not yet been added. For instance, there isn’t a scoreboard, also there isn’t an option for voice chat in the game. There also isn’t a mention of Battlefield 2042 boost technique changes. The released patch notes also do not when or if these features will even be included, which might be a little disheartening for some players.

In conclusion,

Updates and upgrades are basically what keep a game going and fresh. This is the third update in the game and everyone is excited for it. We believe more such updates might be coming in sometime next year too.

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