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In-store marketing brand activation ideas for consumer goods brands in retail

Brands are fighting to gain the attention of customers, especially in brick and mortar stores. While on eCommerce platforms it’s easier to attract shoppers and provide personalized offers, in physical stores it’s hard to do that. 

One of the main problems in brick-and-mortar stores is that the in-store marketing campaigns are dull and go unnoticed by shoppers. In this article, we are going to give you some in-store marketing ideas that will help you implement better campaigns and amaze your shoppers. 

1.Unified brand experience

If you are a big FMCG brand that has a presence online and in brick and mortar stores, you need to make sure that you provide a unified brand experience. You should align your messaging online and in-store. Customers don’t like to see a promotion online and go to a store just to discover that the promotion is not available. 

Try to tell your brand story on all channels, maintain the same tone of voice on all of your advertising campaigns, and engage with shoppers. 

2.POP advertising

Point of purchase advertising is a great way to attract the attention of shoppers in brick and mortar stores. However, most POP advertising solutions are dull and they don’t disrupt the customers. For instance, simple cardboard displays, wobbles, and shelf talkers are not attractive enough. 

This is one of the reasons for which many trade promotions fail. Instead of spending a lot of money on dull, non-efficient tools, FMCG brands should try out new and innovative POP advertising tools and solutions. 

For instance, a robotic POP advertising display like Tokinomo can help increase sales by 200%. Also, more than 40% of shoppers remember the name of the brand after seeing a campaign implemented with Tokinomo. 

Another great POP advertising solution is a digital display. This type of display is much more engaging for shoppers and it can transmit more information compared to a traditional POP display. 

3.Focus on seasonality 

If you want to capture the attention of shoppers with your in-store marketing efforts, you will need to offer customers what they are looking for. Depending on what you sell, you could focus on seasonality.

For each holiday or season, you should have an appropriate campaign that highlights your products, but also offers an experience to shoppers. 

4.Offer an experience

Customers no longer come to the stores just to purchase products, they come to the store for the full shopping experience. Shoppers want to see the products live, touch them, and compare them in real-time. Apart from this, customers want to experience something different. Retailtainment, also known as experiential retail, is a great way in which FMCG brands and retailers can better engage with customers and increase sales. 

Combine technology with storytelling to provide something spectacular for your shoppers. Inspire yourself from big brands like Vans and retailers like Target that went to the next level when it comes to retailtainment

5.Test, monitor, and adapt

You need to find what works for your brand. To do this, you will need to A/B test your brand activation campaign, monitor them, and adapt on the go. There are only a few solutions and tools used for in-store marketing that can also provide real-time data. Some digital displays and robotic displays like Tokinomo can offer real-time data that will show you exactly how your campaign is going. 

With this information, brands will be able to know if the campaign is performing or not. Also, brands will know what to change in the future to have better results. 

Attracting customers and engaging with them shouldn’t be an impossible effort for FMCG brands. By using POP advertising solutions that are innovative and performant, these campaigns will increase sales and make people remember your brand. 

Author bio

Nicoleta Niculescu

Nicoleta Niculescu is a Content Marketing Specialist at Tokinomo, an in-store, interactive, brand activation POS/POP display startup. Tokinomo shelf advertising robots create memorable and meaningful shopper experiences. Tokinomo powers creative and scalable experiential marketing campaigns.

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