Instagram Stories Drafts are Now Available 2021

Instagram is a platform that opens doors of opportunity for businesses and brands to choose this platform and start promoting their business as it facilitates their users with many useful features. That’s why over 25 million businesses are registered on IG. People used to buy Instagram followers UK for their accounts and started marketing their products. If you are an individual and want to make your online presence, this platform is also suitable for growing your online presence. For this purpose, you have to create some good strategic plans.

IG has many key features that are really helpful for the marketing and promotion of businesses. If you want to increase target Instagram Followers, you can buy from As Instagram is updating their features day by day and back on this march, they have updated feature of story drafts. Before this feature, another feature was used to draft posts and reels. But later on, from this march, they have started a feature to draft stories of Instagram. It is very useful to draft your many stories at once and can share them among users when you want. You can also make a schedule so that you can post-draft stories according to it.

How to add a story to drafts?

Adding your story in drafts is quite simple and easy. You can save your story as a draft when you are about to upload it. It is quite helpful to post your stories at the right time that can get more engagement. At the same time, drafting your Instagram stories, you have to follow very easy steps.

  • Simply click on the story icon to go to the story interface and then access the gallery.
  • The second thing you have to do is to choose a photo or image that you want to add to the story and share it with users of Instagram.
  • Then you can edit your IG story to make it more attractive and use filters to improve its looks.
  • Now you can simply press the back button, and a pop-up will come up, and they ask you to save your IG story in drafts.

You can simply save your story into drafts and use it for the future by allowing save draft. You can select multiple stories and save them to draft. But remember one thing that IG will automatically delete your stories after seven days. So make sure that you have uploaded that story in seven days. Otherwise, you have to upload this story again, and then you can share it with your users.

How to access story drafts?

As you have learned above, learn how you can save your story as a draft by following simple steps. The second important thing we will discuss is that after drafting your stories, how you can access them.

Here are a few ways to access your drafted stories on IG.

  • The first thing you have to do is to open your IG app. After doing this, next, you have to do is to swipe right to go to the story option. However, to access the story option, you can simply click on the story icon shown in the upper left corner of the application.
  • The second thing you have to do is select a story tab from the bottom options.
  • Then swipe up and use to select the gallery option that is below on the left corner.
  • Now you can find a draft option and swipe right to access all drafts you have saved. Now you can access that all and can manage it according to your need.
  • From here, you can find out a specific draft and edit and share it with your followers as well as IG users.

How to delete a story on IG?

We have discussed how easily you can draft your stories on IG and access them. Now we will describe to you how you can delete your stories? It is quite easy because when you can access your stories, you can also delete them from there. But we are still going to describe you so that it is quite helpful for you.
To delete your IG stories, you have to follow these easy steps:

  • First of all, you have to click on the home button to get on the home interface.
  • Secondly, click on the story button or swipe right to go to the story section of IG.
  • Then click on upload media to go to the draft section.
  • Choose a story that you want to delete.
  • Open that story and click delete to permanently delete that story on IG.

These are a few easy steps that you have to follow when you are about to delete IG stories.

Wrapping up

As Instagram is updating day by day, it is becoming more useful for people using this social media platform for different purposes. They prefer to use Instagram and use to buy Instagram views UK. Because they can easily access and use many useful features of Instagram, as like IG has a key feature of IG story drafts.

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