Integrated Background Checks

The pressure on HR teams to quickly and efficiently fill open positions with excellent talent has never been greater. Adding slow background checks to an already convoluted recruiting process often results in the loss of sterling candidates. The solution? Integrated background checks. Integrating background checks into your existing Applicant Tracking System (ATS) lets you save all pertinent candidate information in one place, eliminates the need for duplicate data entry, and provides visibility into the entire recruiting process. The result? A seamless onboarding solution that gives HR manages the power to manage the recruiting process better than ever before.

Key Benefits of Integration

Custom Solutions

High-quality background screening integrations are fully customizable and can be tailored to fit your recruiting process perfectly. Not every position in your organization requires a full-scope, deep-dive background check. Integrations let you define what types of checks need to be done for each position. Drivers need motor vehicle checks, teachers need criminal background checks, and c-suite officers need the full package. With integration, you can set these parameters up, order the checks you need, and stay consistent with every hire.


Recruiting is a fast-paced game. Integration eliminates unnecessary delays, reduces admin costs, and keeps candidates and employers engaged from beginning to end. Toggling back and forth between multiple systems and entering data multiple times burns valuable time. If you’re doing this for several applicants every day, this waste adds up to a significant cost. Integrating the background check system with your ATS puts the entire process in one place.

Transparency for Candidates

Background checks can make many candidates uneasy. Integrated workflows keep candidates in the loop about the status of their application and screening at all relevant touch points; they’ll know what information you have about them when you have it. This transparency sets you above the competition and creates a positive impression for your business from the get-go.


Compliance is critical. If you’ve tried to manage this internally, then you understand the challenges. Local, state, and federal laws regulate each facet of the screening process and these laws are constantly evolving. Staying current on disclosure requirements and language can be a full-time job. Integration makes compliance part of the system. A professional background checker stays on top of all the issues and builds compliance into the integration. With an ATS background check integration, compliance is a no-brainer.


Don’t limp along another day with clunky, inefficient, outdated processes. Make a background check integration part of your ATS today.

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