Intelligence in Our Modern Lives

A lot of people know very little about the concept of artificial intelligence. Most individuals learn or come across the term on the killer papers and other similar sites when browsing the internet. So, can you blame them considering their scant IT background? Yes. The “why” comes about because of the influence of technology on the operations of almost every sector in the present dispensation. Further, the influence of tech will only grow as time goes by. So you can’t get away with the lack of IT background anymore. 

AI consists of an important component of technology. It’s a revolutionary tech aspect that came into existence a few years ago but with enormous potential for the future. You probably wonder by now what it means, but in reality, you have interacted with it in one form or another. A lot of information has come to the fore about AI the past couple of years, and creative ways it’s getting used.

So what role does artificial intelligence play in the current dispensation?

The role of AI in the Society

  • Books. Artificial intelligence recently wrote a new series comprising five chapters from going through the Game of Thrones novels. The ability of AI to write stories from a sample can become interesting when contextualizing using a sample of work from students. It can also overcome the writer’s block, though it’s not clear what the legal copyright ramifications can get generated from such work. 
  • Legal and business. AI can get used to assist students to comprehend more information about rental leases and signing them. Further, clover contracts put machine learning into great use in advising the prospect of not signing or signing contracts. As such, AI can increase the efficiency in processing legal and business documents. 
  • Medicine. AI increasingly gets used in detecting lung cancer, tracking coronavirus, and most recently performing vision tests. Additionally, AI administers medical treatments quicker and it can get accessed easily through tech.
  • Song Writing. Artificial intelligence has increasingly gotten used in creating songs such as the AC/DC band style song. 
  • Visual Arts. Unique artworks can get created by AI through sampling of several genres and styles of art. As such, students can even apply it in education by adding extra data sets in the AI programming to reproduce actual copies of existing pictures.

The discussed ways above constitute just a few of the various ways AI can get applied in the various sectors and aspects of life. As such, AI can then get conceived from the perspective of education and how to assist kids get a more personalized approach to education. Greater appreciation has gotten placed on AI in light of the COVID-19 health pandemic and the prolonged reliance on the guidelines issued, such as the social distancing regulations.

Contrary to the huge potential and ability of artificial intelligence in education, for instance, AI can only help when there exists a human link to ensure learners grow their SEL skills.


Artificial intelligence plays a significant role and will continue to have a more prominent role in the future. As such, everyone should endeavor to learn more about tech and AI in particular, as they will become central to everything. So get started if you had no interest or had an excuse.

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