Interior Surfaces Other Than Walls for Using Stencils

Wall stencils have become a design rage in home décor. You come across plenty of unique patterns and shapes to spruce up your tired walls instantly. But do you know these have broader applications? More precisely, wall stencils are not only for walls. You can choose other places in the house to stencil. If you were thinking of doing minor makeover work in your home, this idea could come in handy. Here is a quick look into different places where wall stencils can do the trick.


Furniture can consist of side tables, coffee tables, nightstands, dining tables, kitchen island, and more. You can pick an elegant stencil design to apply it across them to create a uniform look. The full impact of the pattern can leave you spellbound. The surroundings can feel brightened up without much effort from your end. Large designs can adorn the central part of the furniture. If you choose smaller patterns, cover a larger area to create the desired effect.


Stencils can change the whole vibe of the simple floors, just like the blank walls. Imagine attractive patterns on the floor. You will not be able to take your eye off it. Getting patterned tiles in favorite colors may mean spending a considerable sum. But you can avoid this by buying attractive wall stencils and using the colors of your liking to build the proper impact. It can be a good décor idea even for people living in a rented house.

Cabinets and drawers

These features can be available in your kitchen, bathroom, living area, etc. You can add life to them through wall stencils. The stenciled designs can elevate their charm uniquely, regardless of covering the entire surface or just a tiny corner of it. For options, you can visit Stencil Me Pretty.

Bulletin boards

If you don’t want to do anything with the permanent surfaces, it can be a great spot to stencil. You can use a wall stencil on the corkboard to make that corner stand out from the rest. Since there is no shortage of shapes and designs, you can choose anything that catches your fancy. It will not be a laborious job because the bulletin board will be smaller. So you have to relatively invest only a small amount of your energy and time.

Like these, you can scan all the nooks and crannies in your home to create a design impact. Don’t limit your vision to familiar places, though. Whether it is your garden, porch, bath, nursery, kitchen, laundry room, or any other space, you can do wonders anywhere. Some stores sell specific designs for these spots. You can focus on them or pick anything else appealing to your mood.

There cannot be a better way than this to revive the dead corners of the house cost-effectively. Hence, it makes sense to give this a try. If you don’t want to attempt elaborate details, you can stick to the choices of borders, letters, numbers, and other such designs too. Finally, the outcome will depend on your vision, patience, and skills.

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