Is Buying a 5G Phone Worth in India

The technology that is gaining momentum fast globally still seems a distant dream for India when it comes to Buying a 5G Phone. Every phone being launched in the market is touted to support 5G connectivity. Although the telecom giants have announced their plans of rolling out 5G services in the second half of 2021, the government has it slated only for early 2022.

There’s no doubt that buying a 5G-capable handset will make the users future-proof. Also, Vivo 5G mobiles in India are now available to the consumers even in the entry-level and mid-range segments with flagship features such as 8GB RAM.

However, the question still remains whether it is worth upgrading early or sensible to hold on to the current phones as long as they work.

Let’s dive further into the analysis.

No value for money

Technology is evolving at a faster pace, and almost every other week, there are announcements of new smartphones in the line-up. New 5G-enabled phones would already be outdated by the time the technology is rolled out in the country. Some of them might also require upgrades and timely security patches. Besides, most 5G phones in India have precisely the same features as their non-5G counterparts but are just priced higher for connectivity.

  • More and better choices

Once the network makes its debut, the smartphone makers will constantly look out to up their game and launch more and better 5G phones in India at comparatively lesser prices.

  • 5G rollout might be delayed

At the onset, it took years for the 4G network to be accessed across the country. It still isn’t available in few remote areas. Needless to say, the new technology might require more time to establish its roots. Therefore, buying a 5G phone in India just for the sake of it is pointless.

  • Internet plans will be expensive initially

5G subscriptions will probably be more costly than 4G plans. Carriers are most likely to charge subscribers a premium to use the service. However, once there is widespread adoption of the 5G technology in India, the prices of internet plans are sure to fall.

  • Might have to settle for average spec sheet

It is no brainer that smartphone manufacturers will dial back on a few technical aspects in the entry-level and mid-range 5G phones to keep the prices affordable. Thus, users will miss out on the latest bells and whistles in an attempt to become future-ready.

  • Older chipsets

Most handsets come with slightly older versions of chipsets. Considering that the rollout will take a couple of years, the ideal move would be to buy devices with newer and better chipsets meant for 5G.

  • Poor battery performance

The 5G service works in combination with 4G and 5G signals, thereby providing a stable connection to users. This oscillation between the bands is said to be impacting the battery backup. Hence, users will have to consider buying a 5G phone that boasts a super-sized battery.

  • 5G still needs development

Users in the United States and other countries report that the 5G services are accessible only in some parts of cities. Also, the speeds are not coming anywhere close to 1Gbps. India, too, might have to work around these problems once 5G connectivity is activated.

There is no major downside to buying a 5G phone in India. However, since the spectrum is not yet auctioned and the network providers are not ready with the technology, it is better to shelve the decision of investing in a 5G phone.

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