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Is it a good idea to outsource app development in India?

Do you have a killer app idea, which you believe will attract users by the droves? Do you have the knowledge or experience to convert your idea into a full-fledged app? If the answer to the second question is in the negative, then you should hire a competent mobile app development company to create your dream application in the minimum possible time. If you have decided to outsource the app development process, then Indian companies are ideally placed to do this job thanks to the numerous advantages they offer.

What are the advantages that the Indian app development companies possess?

If you are struggling to decide whether the idea of outsourcing the app development service to India is the right decision, then you should go through the points below that we have shared with you. These points will help you to find out the advantages of hiring an app development company in India to create an app as per your specifications.

Highly skilled developers

One of the biggest assets of India is its skilled manpower. This country of 1.3 billion is home to the second-largest English speaking people in the world. Here you will find an army of highly skilled app developers who have the experience and knowledge to create highly innovative mobile app solutions for various platforms. Whatever idea you have in your mind for a mobile app, you can rest assured that the Indian app developers will be able to give a concrete shape to your idea. They will create the app that you have visualised.

You get a wide price spectrum

For any business that wants to outsource app development service. One of the important criteria for selecting the company that will do the project is how much money they will charge. In this field also India is way ahead in offering a great price advantage that other companies in North America and Western Europe cannot match. For example, an app developer in North America will bill you $ 50 to $250 per hour (depending upon the complexity of the project) to develop a mobile application. The same application can be developed in India without any compromise in its quality for a mere $10 to $80 per hour. The complete package of creating an app can range from $ 5000-$ 8000 which is significantly lower than the cost an American company would charge to develop the same app.

Great work flexibility

As there is a 12 hour time difference between the Indian market and the American market, you can outsource your job to an Indian company and they will work on it even when your office in the USA is closed and deliver it to you in your business time next day. In this way, you can get your work delivered in a very short period. And it will help you to stay focused on your core business interests. Many Indian companies work round the clock. Therefore, if you want your app to be delivered in double-quick time, then it can be arranged.

Highly professional

Indian app developers are renowned for their extraordinary skills, hard work, and efficiency. All reputed app development companies in India stick to the timeline they have agreed upon (which is of very short duration as they can work round-the-clock). Additionally, the app developers will keep you fully informed about the app development process so that you get a good idea about how the process is going on.

Very stable and supportive government IT policies

It is just not the companies or the skilled manpower, the government also does its bit to help the IT industry flourish by having a stable IT policy as well as tax rates for this sector. Furthermore, the government through its strict guidelines that are on par with the best data protection policies anywhere in the world ensures data security and confidentiality of sensitive business information. This will give you confidence that the data you have shared with the Indian app development company is safe and secure.

State of the art technology

New technologies are introduced to create highly innovative Mobile apps so that the users get a great experience. Most Indian app development companies have access to these top-end technologies, development tools as well as licensed software. This ensures that the app that is developed by Indian companies are on par with regard to quality, sophistication and outstanding user interface with the best in the world.


From the above points, we can say that you can reap a whole host of benefits by outsourcing your app development process to India such as timely delivery, high-quality product, transparent pricing, data security, and the latest technology.

But now, the main question that might appear in your mind, How to outsource app development? To know in detail, refer this complete guide on Outsource app development.

Lastly, if you want to build a mobile app that brings your company closer to your target audience, then we recommend you to contact a leading Indian app development company. They will create an innovative and creative app that will help you to generate more ROI of your business.

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