Is It Safe to Travel with Advance Parole? [Requirements and Risks]

Advance parole is a travel permit. It is an essential requirement for some foreigners to travel outside the country and return.

This article informs about who must apply, when, how, costs, and consequences of traveling with advance parole. Bringing you the question,is it safe to travel with advance parole? Well, we are going to talk about that too.

Let’s discuss some additional information before the discussion about the safety factor of it.

Who Must Apply For the Permit Known As Advance Parole?

Several categories of foreigners must requestadvance parole to travel abroad and return.

But the common point that all of them have is that they are people who are currently in the United States. If they travel abroad without the travel permit, they could not return because they lack the proper immigration document, such as a valid visa or the permanent residence card.

When do you need advance parole?

Next, the situations in which it is necessary to request advance parole or travel permit:

  1. Adjustment of status

The most common is that of people who have applied for an adjustment of status in the process of acquiring the residence card (green card). For example, some spouses of American citizens and who meet a series of requirements.

While the status adjustment process is delayed, these people can always travel abroad if they have advance parole.

  • Asylum seeker

People who have a pending asylum petition must also apply for advance parole before traveling outside the United States. But not those that already have it approved, who have a document to travel.

  • T visa or U visa approved

The T visa is granted to people who have been victims of human trafficking

U visas are granted to victims who have collaborated with the authorities to solve a crime or achieve the offender’s conviction.

However, it should be noted that while the U or T visa is being processed and approval is pending, it is advisable not to travel outside of the United States.

  • Deferred action approved

This option is no longer possible due to the reform of the government of President Donald Trump.

However, during the Obama administration, DACA could, under certain rules, request advance parole to travel abroad. DACA means boys and girls between the ages of 15 and 30 who have asked for deferred action.

  • TPS

It is an exceptional temporary protection situation that allows citizens to remain in the United States and work legally. They must be of certain countries and meet all the requirements established by law.

Who Cannot Request An Advance Parole?

Even if a person falls within the named categories, they cannot request advance parole if they are in pending deportation proceedings. Note that the exception is boys with approved DACA imoji.

Also, consult with a lawyer in all cases if you have an appointment to appear in an immigration court. You’ll also need a lawyerif you have any pending criminal matter or a conviction for a crime.

On the other hand, undocumented migrants cannot apply for this permit to travel except:

  • Boys who are currently in a situation with approved DACA could be classified as semi-legal.

When Should The Advance Parole Be Requested?

It should be requested before leaving the United States.

Also, keep in mind that it is necessary to take the fingerprints (fingerprints) of the applicant in most cases.For this, you will receive an appointment. If you travel abroad before this procedure, the advance parole request will be abandoned.


The cost of applying depends on each one’s situation and the reason for applying, and it may even be free.

If the travel permit is applied for both the adjustment of status and the work permit, you do not need to pay.

In other cases, the fee is $ 360. But always check the USCIS document in which it explains how to fill out the form.The amount can change.

Besides, it is possible to request an exemption from the payment in some cases, and thus it would be free.

How Long Does The Advance Parole Take?

It usually takes about two to three months to process. It is possible to request expedited processing by dialing the National Customer Service Center.Or send a letter in the application in which documentation is attached that serves to support the request.

In urgent cases, the applicant can appear at a USCIS office. You can search for the closest one in the application.

Is It Safe To Travel With Advance Parole: What Are The Consequences?

You can leave the United States, but the problem appears the moment you want to return.

The immigration officer can prevent it. And in that case, you will have to wait outside the United States for the process to complete.

Also, in some cases, it may be different. If the person has been in the US illegally for more than 180 days, the 3-5 year punishment may skip.

Finally, another consequence is that it is considered that the pending immigration process has been abandoned.Youwould have to start again.


In simple words, is it safe to travel with advance parole? Yes, but with the condition.

Foreigners present in the United States with a pending immigration process must have advance parole. Make sure before traveling to another country if there is a requirement for them. So, you can request advance parole before leaving. This article is for informational purposes only. It is not legal advice


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