Is Local SEO Important For Local Business Websites?

SEO for local businesses is crucial as it helps to target your audience based on the physical location. According to the statistics, over 80% of local searches bring traffic to the website. It shows how crucial local SEO is to bring leads and conversions for your website that eventually fuels sales.  

The difference between local SEO and typical SEO methods is that local SEO is targeted towards local search results. On the other hand, traditional SEO targets audiences all over the globe. 

For example, if you are running an SEO firm in Houston, then you may want to target the keyword Local SEO Houston.” It means you are targeting the audience in Houston, where you are mainly offering your services. 

Now the question is that is local SEO important for local business websites? The answer is a big yes. If you are only aiming for the local audience to sell your products and services, then you must consider the local SEO. 

Here are some of the local SEO tips that will help you target your local audience effectively and make you realize the significance of it for your business. 

Start with local keyword research 

Doing keyword research in the right manner is crucial to making your local SEO campaigns successful. It will help you figure out the key phrases through which you can target local customers. 

It is advisable to use proper keyword research tools to get an idea about the search volume and local competitors. So, it will be easier to trace the relevant keywords as per your products and services.

You should be focusing on the long-tail keywords as these keywords have lower competition, so you have a better chance to rank them at the top. 

For example, if someone is looking for “thai food restaurants,” then it is not clear that where exactly they are looking for. But if people are searching for that “thai food restaurants in Houston,” then it will be clear to you. 

You must understand the search intent that can help you create the content accordingly and will also help in finding the right keywords. If you are able to understand the mentality of the local searcher, then it will be easier for you to attain your desired SEO results. 

Get more reviews from local customers

Having more reviews from the customers will help you optimize your Google business listings. Reviews build your credibility as a brand and give assurance to the customers about the quality of your services. 

To get reviews, you should encourage people to take a look at your business on social media accounts and local websites. Reviews make a huge impact on local SEO rankings and its also a part of local seo checklist that make you trustworthy in customers’ eyes. Reliable agencies always have a good number of testimonials on your website that help them target their audience effectively. 

Craft Content based on location 

One of the most vital things to achieve results in local SEO is to create content as per your desired location. You have to identify the problems and needs of your local customers and create content accordingly. Determine what they are searching for and how you can address it effectively through your content. 

If you are operating a local business in multiple locations, then you have to create unique content. It will allow your local searchers to find you easily. You cannot overlook the importance of content as it allows you to highlight the pain points of your customers and to optimize the relevant keywords in it. 

Optimize voice search 

According to statistics, around half of searchers conduct voice searches online across the globe. It means you have to optimize your website for voice search, or else you can miss a great number of leads. 

Most people use voice search to find the local products or services near to them. Voice search is one of the major elements of local SEO for every digital marketing agency Houston that it allows you to make your business recognizable to a local audience. 

For voice search optimization, you should again focus on relevant long-tail keywords. For example, if you run a Chinese food restaurant, you can create content to target the keyword “best Chinese restaurant in (your location).” It will help you appear in local voice search results, so you can enhance your conversion rate by doing this. 

Focus mobile responsiveness 

Over half of online traffic comes through mobile devices and different gadgets. It means you must make your site mobile responsive to attain top rankings in local search results. Firstly, you have to ensure that the design of your site is mobile responsive. It will ensure that your content is appearing properly on your website and the user is not facing any issues on his mobile while going through your site. 

Responsive design makes a huge impact on your sales. According to research, around 70% of sales orders on local websites come through mobile phones. With technological advancements, every individual loves browsing on their smartphones. It means you have to make your website flawless that can work smoothly on mobile phones. If your website is not responsive for mobile phones, users will not waste any time moving to the next site.  

Get backlinks from local companies 

Resting local content allows you to get quality backlinks from local companies located in your area. Google also keeps an eye on the number of backlinks that your website has, so you have to ensure it should be of great quality. 

You have to make consistent efforts to enhance your link portfolio as it will help you earn links from websites with higher domain authority. You may also reach influencers and bloggers in your niche to get quality backlinks. It will improve your brand awareness.  


Local SEO takes less effort as compared to traditional SEO, but it still requires your complete focus. You have to work in the right direction to achieve your local SEO results. Firing a bullet aimlessly will never help you to hit the target. The local SEO also works in a similar way as you have to channelize your tactics and efforts in the right direction to get your desired results. So, local SEO is the key to success for your local business websites. 

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