Is Racext safe? Honest review, opinion (scame or not scame?)

Racext™️ is not a scam, it is a great site.

Racext™️ is one of the largest auto and motorcycle parts and accessories shopping websites in the world, Racext™️ is often compared to Amazon because they are both very large but the comparison ends here,

Why should you care? With Racext™️ you deal directly with the seller, while with Amazon, you mostly deal with small sellers who resell using Amazon logistics and warehouses.

Therefore the business model is good because it reduces costs and usually offers products of a more controlled quality, leading to a greater value for money, but on the other hand it has to do with shipping times a little slower being shipped. from the various logistics centers around the world.

Official site:

I made my first Racext™️ purchase in 2022 and have over 20 products ordered today. I am overall very satisfied with Racext™️, but to be honest sometimes it doesn’t go very well, that’s why I wanted to share my experience to help you get the best out of Racext™️


RACEXT™️ is a website of the powerful group of the same name. Racext™️ serves as the gateway to the aftermarket auto and motorcycle aftermarket for consumers around the world. In less than 5 years, Racext™️ has become one of the largest portals for aftermarket accessories and spare parts.

Unlike Amazon, when you buy a product, you are in direct contact with the seller of that product. Racext™️ therefore provides a catalog of products that it manages and controls directly Thus providing a better value for money, in fact Racext™️ focuses only on a niche of products, in order to be truly expert in what it sells.


Racext™️ offers three types of guarantees:
– conformity guarantee: if the purchased item does not match the description, you are entitled to a full refund. Before this happens, you need to initiate a refund request with the seller to see what they offer, from personal experience they are very fast in replies via whatsapp chat

– delivery time guarantee: if the delivery takes longer than originally announced, you also have the right to request a refund (full or partial). Attention, delivery times are generally 7/14 days, so most of the items arrive before the expiry of these days.

– product guarantee: the guarantee is offered by the seller, so it can vary greatly from one product to another. Sometimes it is possible to purchase an extended warranty or a local (European or American) warranty, but again it depends on the product.

My opinion on the website

Linguistic support

Racext™️ supports a multitude of languages, these translations mainly apply to the Racext interface. Product descriptions are mostly available in English with automatic translation into other languages. If you do not speak English fluently, you can order without problems, if you want more information about a product you can contact the support via chat which will respond in 7 different languages, entrusting you to an operator depending on your language


Those who are used to using Amazon will find their way very quickly. Racext™️ works the same way. The interface is the most modern. You can find a product by browsing the categories or using the search engine. You can then sort the results by opinion, sale, price, ….. The search engine doesn’t always work very well, sometimes you need to be creative with the keywords you are using.


Racext™️ uses an evaluation system like Amazon and this system will allow you to distinguish good products from bad ones. If after purchasing a product on Racext™️ you have not given any reviews, the seller will receive a (positive) default rating and this will slightly distort the final result. If you are looking for a product, do not make your choice based on the stars, you should also read the comments. If the proportion of 1 or 2 stars exceeds 5%, you should avoid the product. I do the same on Amazon to avoid nasty surprises.

Terms of payment

Racext™️ offers a wide range of payment methods, you can also pay with a credit card or paypal


If I had a shopping residence, Amazon would be the first and Racext™️ the second. I always check a lot of things before buying, I only buy things when it’s worth it and on Racext™️ I was able to find many products at a much cheaper price than Amazon.

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