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TV ranks as a top favorite channel for bringing in the highest level of personal satisfaction. To mention all that is telecast on TV would be an arduous task. In general TV telecasts are done by the TV station. With its never-ending popularity TV technology has advanced to be smart. Smart TV has progressed beyond the conventional telecast of programmed shows. With computer technology incorporated in a smart TV, apps can be installed on it. With this advancement, TV offers even more choice to viewers making web browsing telecasts possible.

Gathering information and viewing via the web has caught on in today’s world making it a highly effective and powerful tool. Some of the useful features of web browsing are, giving more freedom and control, the home screen can be personalized with event notifications and information cards, settings can be made to customize the feed, and giving control over receiving contents. Web browsing on the internet links worlds apart facilitates commercial activities and helps build relationships that may have not been possible before. And to touch on the focal point is to make aware of a magnificent app that’s gonna thrill people no matter where they are. It’s all about the JigPages TV – Safe and Fast Web Browser app. Will run through the app’s thrilling features summarily.

Features of JioPages TV Web Browser

12 regional languages giving more choice to the customers. By accessing popular regional websites receive news feeds on a wide range of categories. The QR code scanner makes it possible to scan and read or view such coded contents posted. With the App’s advanced technology uninterrupted browsing is possible all the time.

Stream 24/7 on any of the popular news channels to keep oneself updated on what’s happening around the globe. Access to curated videos on a variety of topics gives the users of the app wider access to information on each topic.

Searching is made easier with the voice search option. Web browser app has made sure with quick and efficient browsing to minimize the data usage. A cost saver to the users.

The app has made sure to manage all files downloaded by the web browser in an organized manner to maintain optimum storage capacity. Browsing modes features, Private browsing – with this mode on will prevent browsing history storage in the system. Incognito browsing – with this mode on, bookmark any website links for quick access anytime, thus saving time. Trending news. Watch or read the latest and most popular happenings in the language of preference.

With the most modern browsing incorporated in the JigPages TV – Safe and Fast Web Browser app enjoy uninterrupted browsing that has not been experienced before.

Saves time of having to search. Just enter the subject that is been looked for and the web will display a wide selection of links on the subject giving the users plenty of options in selection. Start experiencing the latest trend with your smart device of a smartphone, TV, Tab, or Computer to feel the exclusivity on web browsing.

Install JioPagesTV on Android TV

There are no fully functioning Android TV web browsers on the play store. You can use this Android TV web browser application to watch videos, TV shows online for free. First, download and install the latest version of AppLinked or FileSynced apk. Those are the most popular Android TV app store that can be used to install apps on TV. Then find the AppLinked code for JioPagesTV app. You can search on google for popular AppLinked codes and FileSynced codes. There are other TV app stores like this. For example, UnLinked and Aptoide TV.

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